Sunday, May 17, 2009

Congratulations Jansje!

De wereld van Jansje is a store. A beautiful store, with the greatest staff ever and a wonderful assortment (ha, ha, they are selling my work), located in the very centre of Haarlem. Jansje proofs that it is possible: doing business with your heart! They combine a highly stylish store with doing good, not only for the local people, but also in selling fair trade and ecofriendly stuff. The people who work there are, as we call them, mentally disabled. But they work with so much joy, they use their talents and they don't don't mind their disability. What a great athmosphere!
Because of their first birthday I gave a little workshop in making minibuntings with my own designs. It was very inspiring, good vibes. Hope to show you some pictures soon.
Hurray for Jansje!

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