Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fluid harvest

Since the year my parents moved to the country side, every autumn we had to eat/work ourselves a way through the fruit harvest as soon as possible, because of the decay. Piles of applepies, jars of apple sauce and baskets full of pears that needed to be eaten straight away...
Untill last year: My uncle Paul discovered the mobile fruit press!
Mobipers is a professional fruit press on a truck, that travels from village to village in Holland. On one side the apples and pears go in, on the other side your own organic (and pasteurized) juice is put in a so called 'bag in a box', in which it stays fresh for 2 years! The price is 1 euro for 1 liter including the boxes etc.
Yesterday we spend on ladders in their old high-stem trees, shaking branches, picking up pears and apples. The sheep had a feast: all the damaged ones were for them!

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