Monday, October 19, 2009

Etsy Autumn

Since a few days I smell autumn in the air, in my garden and even in my house (pumpkin soup). I checked Etsy on warm woolen and wooden stuff. Here is what I found.

The woolen mushroom and the acorns are needle felted by Lil Fish Studio. Those great Danish looking candle holders come from Jenny Hopscotch Vintage. The other wooden 'thing' is a gorgious 'bird head cup' I found at Nature Design. Handknit Hugs produced those tiny knitted slippers. The larger yellow ones are crotcheted by Caity Jo.


  1. What a lovely collection! Thanks for including my slippers! :D


  2. All these items are lovely--as is your whole blog! Thanks for the mention! (Jenny Hopscotch crew)

  3. Wow, beautiful choices! I'm so flattered that you've included me here, thank you so much!