Thursday, April 22, 2010


Just went virtual shopping (meaning: online and without spending any money, but having great fun) at Kind of new to me, this UK-based store, allthough I heard the name many times before. It has a nice style, a bit 'brocante' combined with trendy stuff. Great for an online (and King's Road) visit!


  1. He Jurianne,

    I think there is one in Antwerp too, that's more easy to visit for Dutch people like us. I'm not sure though... Anyone who knows?
    BTW, I don't understand why all these cool shops don't open in Holland.
    And last but not least, do you know if there's a shop in Delft which sells your stuff?

  2. I love the two cushions you've shown here.

  3. Als ik iets voor je moet meenemen?
    Zit 9,10,11 juni in London.


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