Saturday, October 2, 2010

interior living show

I had a busy Amsterdam-day last Thursday so I only popped in for a very quick visit at the 'Woonbeurs'. I avoided the men in grey suits selling Quookers and gel-fireplaces and went straight on to the 'houses'(huge stands with several rooms) of our Dutch interior magazines. VT-Wonen and 101-Woonideeën were certainly worth a visit. 101 Woonideeën was very 'tactile', with a beautiful colour palette and a very fresh Asian feel.
VT-Wonen made a statement: colourful, masculin, no nonsense, crafty, with deep dark colours! Actually, their house was so dark (and crowded) I couldn't take a proper picture!
So above you see a tiny bit of the 101-house. The ceiling was covered with lovely laundry lines with hanging patches in these great Asian pastels...loved it!

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  1. Ik vond de 101Woonideeën ge-wel-dig!! Wat een prachtige kleuren, sweet maar niet zoet. Of andersom.


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