Sunday, October 24, 2010

sunday joy

Joy today: My new vintage treasure vase. The paper animals are instant art that my youngest son Brecht made in 2 minutes this morning.
If you look at it you wouldn't think he's an 11 year old... let's be honest. The fact is: he can not draw precisely and he has no patience whatsoever. But he turned this limitation into a strong talent in making simple things even more simple (graphic). And yes, he does remind me!
By the way: The 'parrot' and the 'croc' fit into each other, they are one piece of paper, isn't that lovely?


  1. That vase is absolutely amazing... no wonder you treasure it! :)

    LOVE Brecht's animals, they're really awesome.

  2. new paperdesign from holland! A N I M A L S
    past zo in het rijtje;
    zo moeder, zo zoon!

  3. Hi Jurianne, absolutely love your vase, and the paper cut out animals Brecht made are fabulous! hope you are having fun. :) Kristina

  4. Thanks Kristina, Brecht feels deeply honoured with your comment now he has seen your work! The color inspiration for Brecht's background-print by the way, comes obviously from you!

  5. Zo moeder zo zoon. Ik hou van 'kinderkunst' en daarom ga ik met plezier naar mijn werk.
    grt, Helmi

  6. I love those animals your son made! I want to make them too! And a very great idea to display them on the wall. Nice one!

  7. Wauw, je zoon heeft zeker veel talent! Heel bijzonder. En mooie vaas ook.

  8. Jurianne I just love the paper cut out animals. Such a cool graphic style... already! Looking forward to seeing more.


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