Sunday, May 1, 2011


Somewhere hidden in my attic I have lots of hilarious photographs of Hellen van Berkel and me, taken some 33 years ago. As 12 - 15 year old girls we were close friends. We were very different, but found each other somehow. There was this creative click between us and she was and is a sweet, funny and very frank person. We lost track for about 30 years, found each other in the magazines recently and we started reviving our contact cautiously.
Hellen has become a wellknown textile designer. She has this lovely delicate Hellen-style, unfortunatelly often badly copied by companies that have no conscience and no ideas of their own. Hellen is continiously developing her style and her techniques, she is a real crafts woman and she understands the art of 'combining' very well. Hellen recently started her own inspiring blog! And her house was on Bloesem last winter.

Blogfriends in the Netherlands: don't forget to check out the Dutch Elle Decoration this summer (june-july issue), Hellen, her work and her house are featured!

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