Sunday, May 22, 2011

pattern or pure?

While working on new paper lanterns I came across these lovely, simple 'patternless' products.
During the designing process the last few weeks I was struggling big time: couldn't make a choice between using pattern designs or plain patches. I found out that I am afraid NOT to use any pattern designs. I am under the impression that people buy my work because of those designs and I have to make a living...
Outcome: There is a traditional colourful (yet surprisingly pure) Jurianne product coming up! I'll show it to you after it is produced.

In the meantime I keep dreaming of pure products like the ones above! Everything comes from Analogue life, apart from the I-phone alarm clock, I found it on Areaware.

1 comment:

  1. new work from you, great

    I like pure but then your designs are wonderful & make me happy


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