Thursday, November 28, 2013

limited edition for la mesa

These are the limited edition angels I designed for my friend and German distributor Sabine Wittig from the online shop La Mesa.
Working on it, I remember it was in June, was great fun! Sabine and I had a great creative vibe together, we understood each other very well.
Funny, those 'spring-feel' colours were a point of discussion - I was rather sceptical about them - but Sabine insisted. It became the most fresh and nordic angels I ever designed. And I do think they make a difference between all the red, silver and gold during the season. Good choice, Sabine!
For sale at La Mesa and at several shops throughout Germany.


  1. Ze zijn prachtig! En ik vind de kleuren erg mooi. Heel fris. En ondanks dat het niet traditionele kerstkleuren zijn, zijn ze mooi te combineren met o.a. zilver.

  2. Supermooi.
    Ideaal voor Kerst-bangerds (zoals ik) die toch moeten versieren (voor de kinderen).

  3. ... and I am so in love with them and very happy that they have so many fans. Thanks again Jurianne for your wonderful work!


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