Tuesday, December 1, 2015

my autumn on insta

I guess September and October are my favorite months of the year to spend in nature. The fading colors, the fog in the morning, the sunrises... I tried to capture it during my morning walks and posted the pics on Instagram.
The gift (wrapped in paper and tags I designed for Ompak) was for my mother's birthday. She is heaving a hard time, seperated from my dad and in a nursing home. As for the autumn flowers: I bought 2 identical bunches, one for my father and one for my mother. Tried to connect them this way.
I received a lovely gift from a colleague/friend (last row, first pic). She produces these fantastic scented soy candles with pure etheric oils. This one has Basil as its ingredient, and it spreads a very subtle, refined 'small' scent in your home. I've become a big fan of LOCHT!


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