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Sunday, June 29, 2014

hermines hands

In some weeks my new paper product will be ready. Allthough this product is non woven the name will be 'Weave'.  When you see it, you'll know what I mean. I am always so inspired by textile designers, thought I should do something with it...

One of the textile artists I admire is the young Belgian Hermine van Dijck. There's a kind of softness in her work, and I can see and feel the patience and dedication she must have designing it.

And by the way, her styling and photography are awesome too! All photo's by Hermine van Dijck.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Out of the woods by Rozemarijn

These two lovely tea towels are designed by my 'extern intern' Rozemarijn Groenewold. Her designs are very narrative, nordic and poetic, but still she has a rather sturdy graphic style. I really love her work!

On exploring the target group, creating a moodboard and the actual design of the tea towels Rozemarijn only spend a short time: she has a very accurate way of designing.

And now she is looking for a company that would like to buy her designs in order to produce and sell them. Rozemarijn is an art school student so she is not able to pre-finance the production herself. Of course: if I would have had the financial resources I would have bought this little collection, but as you porbably know I have my own tea towels (and ceramics) to finance this year!  

I believe in Rozemarijn. 
I believe in her tea towels. And that's why I ask your help!

Does anyone of you know a possible next step for her?  

For example: Do you have contacts in the home textile world, do you know brands that might be interested? Maybe you know the product developper of Marimekko or Ferm Living, or maybe your ARE the product developper of Marimekko or Ferm (even better!)...

Please leave Rozemarijn a note via the email adress on her tea towel blog or leave a comment here on my blog. She (well...we!) would be so grateful for any good ideas!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

sputnik lamps

Julie Lansom wrote me an email to present her design lamps called Sputnik.
In the email I already saw she would be definately worth writing about on my blog. I picture the Sputnik lampshades (or only one huge lamp) in a spacious industrial looking restaurant with a high ceiling, high windows and a lot of plants.

Heading over to her website I discovered this 26 year old french woman is not only a designer but actually a photographer in the first place. She photographs because (quote) 'she has a shitty memory'.

Both her lamps and her photo's are poetic and still straight forward. Love her work!

Monday, March 31, 2014


I love it: design companies that survive trends, hypes and time....
Paapje is a handscreenprint/textile manufacturer based in the Netherlands and founded in 1930! They have an impressive history of collaboration with designers, artists and architects. Most of their products are based on natural themes and of course everything is made with organic textiles. 
Their special way of printing is so wonderful, the textiles show a kind of depth and it looks like light shines through.... 
I hope Paapje will stay forever!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Dutch stylist/artist Miranda van Dijk from PuurAnders prints art and photo's on cotton leaves. In a very delicate and beautiful way she connects nature with art (see above) and also with people's personal memories.
Starting point of her crafty business was a photo of her grandmother as a young girl dancing in a beautiful dress. Her granny died and Miranda wanted to keep the memory alive...
Miranda has an Etsy-shop too and she loves to make a customized flower or leaf for you!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

showUP and co-create!

Trade fair ShowUP is getting BIG. We started last year in february with 25 stands, and I am so proud to say that this year 75 wholesalers will be showing their latest designs!
A big hooray for Daan and Maya from the showUP organisation: they combine professionalism with thinking out-of-the-box. Next to a real professional trade show, ShowUP is a center of inspration and co-creation.

ShowUP loves to see people connect! This year there will be a wonderful embroidery 'machine', (see above) by designer Floor Nijdeken. It is called Crossover Collective. Visitors can sit down, stich and co-create an XXL piece of embroidery together with other people. I think this is awesome!

So, to all you people in the home-gift-design-interior business (retailers, bloggers, designers or students): come to the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam next week (sunday 02-02 and monday 03-02). Entrance is free after registration on the website.

At this very moment I can not tell you if I will manage to show you samples of my future collection of ceramics or tea towels next week on ShowUP. If the samples come in, it will be at the very last minute (the beakers will still be hot the ink still wet, I am afraid) and I will have to decide on the spot whether the collection is good enough (price/quality/production) to be presented on the market.

To be honest, I am not sleeping very well these last is too exciting.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

crowdfunding the small and beautiful

You and me we can be finance bankers new style (human, fun ;-), aka people that believe in beautiful things and give designers a go.

Look what an incredible beautiful stuff dutch based crowdfunding platform Crowdy House has for us!
Winter in Holland, textile designer Anouk van der Laan, with stunning textiles. To support her you can buy one of her cushions with a good discount! Ceramic plates and bowls (with wooden lids) by Janet Emmelkamp and very subtle, Japanese looking, felt lights by Vilt aan Zee.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

little gift guide

cutting board from Analoguelife - soap gems from Beklina
iPhone case by Coco Lake - brass himmeli ornament by Me&She
eco-friendly wrapping paper by Mozaiq - earring studs by Agatechristina
gift wrap paper by The Trading Post

wooden alpaca from Areaware - handblown glass ornaments by Jenn Goodale
paper ornaments from Ferm Living - golden dot garland by Couture by Ayca
Quilted mason jar from Ball (available at Walmart) - pillow from Willa Skye

Sunday, September 15, 2013

sääpäiväkirja - weather diary

Never mind if you can't pronounce it (like me). Just take a look at this latest Marimekko collection, called Weather Diary, designed by Aino-Maija Metsola. 
I was kind of in shock when I first saw it: this is the 2013 answer to all the sweet children prints, the minty geometric patterns, the hard graphic lines: this is new and deep and really awesome! 
Marimekko has guts and knows how to stand out in the crowd!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

taking photo's without a camera

As a kid I was intrigued by cyanotype. It is a way of taking photo's without a camera, with help from the sun and some chemicals.
When my sons were little I bought a DIY sunprint kit. The fun thing was: after printing the key, the pair of scissors and some fern leaves my boys lost their interest but I couldn't stop! I remember going through my cupboards with a cyanotype view: fluffy yarn, nails, my grandmothers lace, every shape seemed interesting...
The cyanotype technique can be used on any material: Above you can see it applied on tiles by the UK/Dutch designers Glithero. Both the gun by Adam Ottavi (etsy shop) and the Jellyfish lace next to it by Rinne Allen are on paper and for sale. The beautiful dandelion print on fabric is created by Anna Laurent, you can find here TUTORIAL here.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

dream shopping - shop dreaming

If only I had a few euro's (like a Thousand) to spend on clothes today, I would do some serious online shopping and buy these two outfits.
If only...
The Stella Mc. Cartney shoes (actually on sale right now, very tempting) are from The Outnet, the gorgeous dress is from Emerson Fry.
The emerald canvas tote bag comes from my favorite UK store Toast and the earrings (would love to have them in gold) are designed by Maria from the Etsy shop O Bliss.
I still regret that I didn't buy the blush coloured Baggu bag above when I was in New York! Then again Baggu was almost my neighbour on the NY-gift fair that I attended. The wooden necklace is not for sale anymore, but if you go over at Totokaelo, you can find dozens of similar treasures!
The Veja sneakers and the tunic dress are from Toast. I don't think the sneakers would match with the dress (at least in my size 41 it wouldn't ;-), but I had to show them: they are both eco- and people friendly and they look fantastic!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

blue & bronze (terra and copper)

Love the combination of blues and bronzes. I found some stuff via Pinterest.
From above left: Taurus sculpture from the fities and parasol by Kururi. Both - unfortunately without a real source - via my Pinterest boards
The cushion I found at dutch webstore Raaf. The coppertape - can you imagine all the cool things you can do with that? - comes from Manufactum.

Friday, February 8, 2013

we showedUP last weekend!

left: photo taken from the showUP website
A couple of meters from my stand: the Stork restaurant for a healthy lunch!
The new ShowUP trade fair was beyond expectations! Good vibes, great collegues, lovely location, fantastic styling, enthusiastic visitors and even some orders (thanks guys!). This is what the professional home/gift world in the Netherlands needed.  
Enough reason to sign up for the second edtion in August!