Friday, December 25, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

and not to forget...

this Christmas favorite!

This amazing stocking, a present I got from Bjørke who made it by hand. I wonder: Where on earth did she find these lovely pieces of fabric? Beautyfully assembled, like allways. Allthough I didn't have time to dress up my house for Christmas, this gives it the right atmosphere in an instant.
Next to it you see a lucky rabbit from Isabel. She makes like hundreds of them at the moment (from chinese newspapers and all kinds of wallpaper, candy papers. I have send some to a couple of very special people today, to wish them lots of luck in the coming year, but I had to keep this one.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

winter in Holland

Yeah!!!! It is winter in Holland, we enjoyed the snow on the heather behind our house.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

my christmas favorites

Took some pictures of my personal christmas favorites today. I share the images tonight, will post the rest/info tomorrow...too busy, too tired! (Thursday night)

....It is amazing: suddenly there is this quiet Saturday morning, my sons having their weekly computersessions, my husband reading the newspaper, a snowwhite world outside, silent. I love these kinds of mornings, the best time to post on my blog!

Top left: a present my friend Anneli Levin from Stockholm sent me last week. Anneli has a brilliant taste in mixing design and crafts. You can buy this handmade porcelain pendant by Fideli Sundqvist (they all have a different shape...handmade!) at her webshop called Cosas. Cosas is worth a visit anyway!

Top right: Advent Calendar by Natalie Lété. Searched the internet for webshops where you could buy it for next year and found this one in the UK: Lapin & Me

The tree-pendant-tree is a gift, or rather a christmas greeting card, sent by my friend Linda. She is a felting artist and she sends me a mini piece of art (ATC) every now and then. I'll show the whole collection once. This tree however is made of strips of a vintage blanket. It 's so subtle and simple. Thanks Linda!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

december G I V E A W A Y - follow up!

On post of the december give away I received many sweet, sometimes heartbreaking, reactions. All the names submitted by you deserve boxes full of angels!! But I had to protect myself for a lot of work (in my busiest month of the year) so I limited the 'choice' to three persons.

This morning, a perfect sunny and cold winter morning, my sons draw three names from the wooden bowl. The 'givers' already received an email. And tomorrow the surprise angels will go on their journey to three lovely people who can use some extra attention and love in the coming weeks.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

the making of....

Maybe some of my Dutch blog readers already know that I designed the December give away for the interior magazine 101-Woonideeën. It is a paper lantern you can cut yourself (the ones I sell myself are already cut out), since 101 Woonideeën is a crafty magazine and very much into DIY!

Got a lovely stylish, sweet and romantic moodboard/briefing from their great art-director (it was a feast working with you, Monique!). Soft pastels and ottoman embroidery, and I was even asked to use a shiny silver! To be honest: this style was a real challenge for me!
I designed a whole bunch of lanterns, and then suddenly I found my (nordic, straight, graphic) 'touch' to go with this project. Found colours and patterns that mixed the required style together with my own handwriting. I kept a couple of them, took some pictures, to share with you. On the right side you can see the 'winner'.

Poor editors of 101: they were looking forward so much to the silver on the lanterns... the printers told them some weeks before publishing it wouldn't be possible. They chose another colour instead, a kind of deep lavender that shocked my eye in the first place, but which I like more and more every time I look at it.
So: very well done, 101! Hoorah!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Do your kids a big favour and have Sinterklaas (our dutch Father Christmas on the 5th of December) or Santa put these in shoes and stockings!
In the Waldorf tradition I was raised we only used this kind of chalk because of the beautiful natural pastel pigments and the soft structure. My children use them as well (see one of my sons pieces of blackboard art above!). They cost hardly anything and they make little artists so happy. In Holland available at Engel webshop, owner and friend Sabien gave me this set!

Etsy treasures: crochet

Who: Emma Lamb
What: Crocheted pillow covers and pot holders
Why: Pot holders by Emma (and displayed like this) are almost fine art! Emma mixes and matches colours in a very subtle way. Besides her work makes me think of my beloved granny who was also a crochet phenomenom. If I ever come across one of granny's pillow covers in my stuffed up textile drawers I'll certainly take a picture and post it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

december G I V E - A W A Y

Looking at the sad news I posted yesterday I just thought: there must be so many people that could use some extra attention, love and joy in December.
I would like to donate three sets of my paper angels accompanied by a (limited edition and not for sale) XL-angel I just created for special occasions. I'll send these to three persons of your choice.

So: do you know anyone for whom this December give away would make a difference, for whom it would bring a little joy in dark times?

Please send me an email with your friends name and adress and write a little text that I can put on a small card in the parcel. I don't mind to send all over the world, it is my treat! On Sunday December 13th I'll have my sons draw three names and I'll send it the next day.
Please send an email to:

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Tomorrow it is the name day of Saint Cecilia. Today we celebrated the life of our dear friend Cecilia: a beautiful, very honest woman, a super mother of two strong daughters who just - like that - snap - lost her young life last Monday. Dearest Cecilia, we will miss you sooo much....
As you will understand, I didn't feel like posting anything this week.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Coffee and Tea angels

These Christmas angels I specially designed for Douwe Egberts, a coffee and tea company, founded in 1753 and a symbol of Dutch tradition. On the background you can see the moodboard that I made to get inspired and base the designs upon.
They are available from now on in their 'Koffie & Kado' (web)stores (you can find it by submitting the word: 'engel').

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Scrap lights by the architects from Graypants: handmade shades from recycled cardboard boxes. Seth, Jon and Jonathan strive to develop products that are thoughtful and have impact. But most of all: they want to have fun designing it. And that shows, I think!

winter switch

It was only two weeks ago that I felt completely 'Autumn', smelled pumpkins and fallen leaves, saw 1000 sorts of brown and orange... Today I suddenly switched, don't know why, to my favorite December colours and found sooo many beautiful things on Etsy!
Top left: crocheted wreath by Rhodi. Top right: handwoven kitchen towel, which I am definately going to order, from Nutfield Weaver. Middle and down left: Christmas ornament stitched on handmade mulberry paper, by Personal Threads. Down right: paper ornaments by Tanya Mac.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Etsy treasures: puppets

Who: Jill Bent
What: puppets made from an antique wooden clothespeg and dressed in handknitted and vintage wool clothing.
Why: Wish I could direct an animated movie (about fashion-Paris 1950), with these little ladies as actrices...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

bamboo birds

Don't have to be a kid to adore these mobiles... Lorena Siminovich, designer and founder of Petit Collage uses fastgrowing (sustainable) bamboo for these wonderful 'flying objects'!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Etsy treasures: more tea towels!

Who: Flockhome
What: Yellow check tea towel
Why: Made of 100% naturally sustainable linen and screenprinted in a beautiful bright yellow with water-based inks.

Who: Mengsel Design
What: Roosters tea towel
Why: Lovely graphic roosters pattern. Love the blue colour on the crisp white, looks so fresh!

Etsy treasures: tea towel

Who: Enormous Champion
What: Tea Towel
Why: This is a brilliant pattern design. Besides, the tulip is our Dutch national symbol (allthough it has its roots in Turkey...)

proudly present: my little elephant!

I remember the moment that Sabien Engelenburg from Engel asked me to design a pattern for tablecloths for her wholesale company. It was a very happy moment. The fact that Sabien, a businesswoman with a good heart and a lovely taste, wanted a series designed by me is an honour!
It was super working together! And I think the result, Little Elephant, is nice. At least: I am proud of it. It turned out to be exactly as I had it in mind.
Two of the pictures above I took myself, one (with cookie cutters) is taken by Sabiens photographer Henny van Belkom together with stylist Saskia Huiting.
Sabien sells al over the world, so don't hesitate to contact her for wholesale information!
And...there is another table-cloth design for Engel on its way!

Monday, November 2, 2009

new house for my new kitchen

During my (too short!) surfing sessions on the web, I notice that I get more and more a focus on kitchen stuff. Found New House, a UK-based webstore today. They sell homeware, textiles and accessories, based on 1950’s Swedish design.
Ordered 5 different teatowels at once (they are not expensive) but then saw the shipping costs to the Netherlands and cancelled it (it was 20 pounds!). I'll have to find out if there are any retailers selling these products here on the mainland!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Enna aus Deutschland

I am so excited about the things Illustrator and graphic designer Enna creates, I would almost write this post in German. What an authentic and brilliant style she has! Love the colours and the slight retro touch... You can buy her stuff in her shop called Ennaland in Hannover and through Dawanda.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Etsy Autumn

Since a few days I smell autumn in the air, in my garden and even in my house (pumpkin soup). I checked Etsy on warm woolen and wooden stuff. Here is what I found.

The woolen mushroom and the acorns are needle felted by Lil Fish Studio. Those great Danish looking candle holders come from Jenny Hopscotch Vintage. The other wooden 'thing' is a gorgious 'bird head cup' I found at Nature Design. Handknit Hugs produced those tiny knitted slippers. The larger yellow ones are crotcheted by Caity Jo.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Sit back, relax, turn on the sound and... enjoy this incredible paperworld. Got tears in my eyes, the first time I saw it!

This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Duckfeet stövlar

Couldn't resist ordering these Duckfeet boots from Denmark. I hope to get them delivered next week!
Totally my cup of tea these 70's models! The boots look great for long walks in the woods behind my house and I think they will match with a basic black dress as well.
Duckfeet shoes and boots are manufactured in Europe already for 30 years with consideration for environment and people.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Interior living fair

Yesterday I went to the annual 'Woonbeurs'. A mainstream and big happening in Amsterdam. Next to the usual kitchen and swimmingpool salesmen, wearing grey suits, there were some treasures as well:

This was their stand on the show. Great fabric design, stationery and other beautiful things. I bought their new wrapping paper.

A company called Weltevree showed some great stoves. My favorite, the Stonestove by Dick van Hoff, was there as well! Made of concrete parts and a timeless beauty, if you ask me. Worth to save money for!

Susanne de Graef
Unfortunately I didn't see any demonstration. But this light object called 'the rithm of light' changes it's colour and intensity by pulling the 'lampshade' down. The density of the weaving changes and makes the light dimm or change the colour a bit. At least, that is what I understood reading Susanne's website. Apart from this great technical story I think this design has something heavenly.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Black swan

Simply had to show you this new needle-felted black swan. Made by a Waldorf teacher here in Holland. On one side I love design, very graphic and modern, on the other side (must be my Waldorf roots) I love these organic things, handcrafted from pure materials.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Etsy treasures: pull string containers

Who: The small object (again, sorry!)
What: pull string containers.
Why: They are so cute, funny and functional.

The poetry of shape

Nicholas Jones, a Melbourne based book sculptor, makes me forget the dusty smell of old books immediately. His approach is fresh, new and gorgeous!

Framed details

This is an installation by Scott Franklin and partner Miao Miao from Nondesigns. It was exhibited for 2 months in a park in West Hollywood. With these XXL megaphones (that remind me of shouting directors on the set of Hollywood movies in the last century) they 'framed' the view of branches, bark, shadow, leaves and pieces of the sky, to emphasize their beauty.

Deepak Chopra in Amsterdam

Last Friday I invited my friend Katinka to a lecture by Deepak Chopra in Amsterdam. It was the first time in my life to attend such an event. Never read one word of this man, I rather read novels than esoteric stuff, don't seem to have the right concentration for it. But somehow this man fascinated me, and in an impulse I decided to go to this lecture. And yes: he unveiled a little of the mystic of our existence that night. In a way his theories are pretty abstract, on the other hand he provides very practical, down-to-earth insights and shows you the simple laws of nature. Yesterday I bought his last book, hoping to find the concentration needed to read a chapter every day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


'Mum, the sky is like a painting' my eleven years old son shouted from his room at the top downstairs. He took this photo from his bedroom-window. It makes me happy that he has an eye for beauty.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Some weeks ago I met a new old friend, someone I had never seen before. We started talking and it felt like catching up some lost years. She lives in Stockholm, is a great designer and has this lovely famous Swedish webstore, called: Cosas.
The parcel-service just rang my doorbell: a parcel from Stockholm. A present from Anneli... sooo nice! Tack så mycket!

My present: two paper-looking delicate porcelain (unglazed) tealight holders are designed by Karin Eriksson for Cosas. Karin's styleblog is worth a visit as well.

Papercraft bible

This treasure I found on the Elle Inside Design Fair in Amsterdam. Didn't even open the book, just bought it. I knew it would be absolutely worth the € 44,00! Most of my favorite paper artists are featured. Unfortunately they forgot to ask Paula Arntzen, an amazing and lovely 'paper woman' I admire and who I met on the fair last weekend. Papercraft, 256 pages of paper inspiration and even a DVD-rom with DIY-templates! Published by 'Gestalten' in Berlin

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Room 222

Next weekend the Elle Decoration Inside Design, a major Dutch interior design fair, will take place again in Amsterdam. Main attraction will be the exhibition in the Lloyd Hotel. Every hotelroom features different designers or interior design companies.
My Paperwork is invited to stay (and get sold) in room 222 for the weekend, together with paper and textile products of other designers. I am so proud! I'll be visiting the show on Sunday. Hope to meet you there!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tasty parasol in the woods

Looks like a piece of folded paper art. But it is a Parasol-mushroom, with a diameter of at least 25 cm! It was found by a couple we came across today during a walk with my family in a forest near us. He was a goodlooking tall Italian, who knew everything about wild vegetables. She was a dutch 'white whitch', made her own elixirs, herb-oils...
I asked: Wow, what is that mushroom you are holding in your hand? He (with this Italian accent): This is the best pizza base ever! Put it in a pan, bit of olive oil, unions on it, parsley, pomodori, cheese...
I am a bit afraid of just picking mushrooms for consumption (besides: it is forbidden to pick them here), I think you need a good book for advice. The odd couple told me: if you don't trust it, just don't pick it!