Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leaving for France

We are leaving for a short stay in our house in the south of France. Hope to keep you posted overthere, but I am not sure if the internet connection will work in the middle of nowhere... bye!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Etsy treasures: Pet-buttons

Who: gulguvenc
What: buttons, made from recycled pet bottles
Why: i love good recycle-design

Etsy-treasures: candle holders

Who: the small object
What: wooden birthday candle holders
Why: nostalgia, my mother bought similar holders in eastern Europe when I was a kid, they are so sweet!

Monday, April 27, 2009

London souvenirs

Waiting to be used: Big Ben stamp (Muji-store) and ordinary ball of coloured rubber bands (at just another office stationer's) from London. The white 'stone' (porcelain) I bought on a crafts market in Amsterdam, it has the word 'geluk' (dutch for happiness) printed/pressed in it.

Huge and vintage

This vase I bought some weeks ago through Marktplaats, our dutch online fleamarket. When I opened the box I got a surprise: the ad on Marktplaats said it was about 45 cm high, it appeared to be 70 cm! I love the colours, love the structure and of course: I love the height!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Allright, although it feels strange - posting your own stuff on your own blog - these are my newborn lanterns. And yes: I am proud of them! Not only on the designs but also on the fact that I managed to produce them completely ecofriendly! Check my website for more information and for salespoints near you!


After visiting her flagship-store in Covent Garden last January, I gained a deep respect for the amazing designer Orla Kiely. What a good sense of colours, of shape and style. Bought this little note-book. The outside was stunning, but the inside uncovered a treasure! So well-thought, so detailed. Actually: so very Orla Kiely.

Tiny desk garden

This tiny DIY paper desk-garden I designed for the latest issue of our great new dutch magazine Flow. For all those people working in grey offices, behind grey monitors, longing for some green: cut, fold and paste your own mini deskgarden and use it for a quick moment of peace, a one-minute-meeting with nature. Just open the garden gate and take an imaginary walk between your own trees and hear the birds sing in your head!


My first post features the work of my dear friend, personal style icon and vintage-button-jewelry queen: Bjørke. My latest Bjør-bracelet and I are inseparable. Please check her ByBjor-blog for the latest news from Bjørland!

So many things to share...

I couldn't resist it any longer, today I have started my personal blog. Have sent tons of beautiful pictures and links to dear friends via email. From now on I gather them here!
On this blog I will share the things that move me, things that combine beauty and goodness.