Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer holiday!

Bye bye, tomorrow we are going to pack for our long summer break! First to Bavaria (Germany) to visit a dear friend, then to The Black Forest (Schwarzwald, Germany) in a super-German-good-quality-hotel for a few days.

We end up in our house in France, allways work to do (cleaning, fixing the roof, see view below), so we'll stay there for allmost 3 weeks!

If I can find any possibility to keep you posted, I will!
Have a great summer!

Winter's Moon

Julia from Winter's Moon contacted me yesterday, because she's interested in selling my Paperwork in the UK. Because I fell for the name of her webstore (Winter's Moon, so poetic!) I took a quick look. And yes, what a great style (good photography), beautiful stuff, vintage, handmade, would love to buy the whole assortment.
Although today we feel like Summer's Sun,
I recommend visiting Winters's Moon!

Childhood transfers

When I saw them again after 40 years(!), somewhere in a cupboard at my parents place, my heart jumped for joy! My mother used to stick these transfers on every not-decorated tile, cupboard door, cookie jar... Our house was a folkloric paradise!
I love it that my mum kept them for all those years!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wood & Wool Stools (and buntings...)

Came across these stools and buntings on the internet yesterday. They are designed by Ingrid from Wood & Wool Stool. If you ask me they have exactly the right balance between eco-awareness, simplicity, nostalgia, colour, and shape. In short: they are! And I love her crocheted buntings. Funny thing is that I planned to photograph my lanterns in a greenhouse as well, but ended up in a beautiful and dark industrial old garage! So this is how it could have looked like, a fairytale party!

Etsy treasures: enamel pot

Who: The white mole
What: vintage enamel pot with floral graphic, mid century modern.
Why: Love the green, the retro graphic flower and the way they styled this photograph!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


'Tsjilp' is what birds say in Holland. And Tsjilp is the name of the company my good friend Linda started together with her friend Annette. They transform vintage blankets into the most lovely cushion-covers. Their latest series is 'couch-poetry'. Every cushion has one word embroidered on it. Words like: if, silence, than, yes, soft, morning, go... If you buy them all (and if you have a long sofa!) you can compose your personal couch-poem!
They make warm tea-cosy's, sweet hearts and wonderful vases as well.
Check them out on: TSJILP!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Peter & Jurianne

Today it is thirteen years ago: Peter offered me my wedding bouquet early in the morning on the 5th of July. He picked the flowers himself on the hillslopes around our house in the south of France. His bouquet was amazing: wild, yet beautfifully arranged, chestnut-blossoms, alium (onion!), ivy...
Every year Peter picks flowers for me. He's never bought a bunch for our wedding anniversary. This year it was small, but sooooo sweet! Thanks, P.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Apple bowl

Bought this tiny wooden apple shaped bowl in the second hand store yesterday. In fact: I bought 5 of them. After washing them I found out that they stayed a bit sticky. So, we are not going to use them for food, unfortunately! I think it's the old 70's varnish. Anyone a good idea (exept for sanding and varnishing again) to get rid of that sticky feeling?

Highline NY

A very special urban park, called the Highline, was opened in New York last month.

An ancient elevated railway was transformed into one long city-garden in the sky. This kind of projects - nature reclaiming its place in the city - make me feel so happy. The video tells the Higline story. 'Our' Dutch landscape architect Piet Oudolf was involved designing the plan.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This morning I spent some hours in the machine room of the printing office, checking colours and having fun. Drukkerij Drukkracht produces all of my Paperwork. These guys are my heroes. Printing is a real craft, which they obviously understand, but they are also good in communicating, having an open mind and staying positive, even when things go wrong. With their open mind they started using eco-ink next to the eco-friendly paper they already had in stock.
Today we checked on the colours for the reprint of the lanterns.

They store all the offset plates, for re-use!

Vega-fast ink, based on vegetable oils.

The machines...

Misprints are soooo beautiful!

And this is what I came for: checking the colours.