Wednesday, July 8, 2009


'Tsjilp' is what birds say in Holland. And Tsjilp is the name of the company my good friend Linda started together with her friend Annette. They transform vintage blankets into the most lovely cushion-covers. Their latest series is 'couch-poetry'. Every cushion has one word embroidered on it. Words like: if, silence, than, yes, soft, morning, go... If you buy them all (and if you have a long sofa!) you can compose your personal couch-poem!
They make warm tea-cosy's, sweet hearts and wonderful vases as well.
Check them out on: TSJILP!

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  1. Mooi: die kussens!
    Heb je trouwens gezien dat er een linkje staat naar je wensbootjes wordt via


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