Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This morning I spent some hours in the machine room of the printing office, checking colours and having fun. Drukkerij Drukkracht produces all of my Paperwork. These guys are my heroes. Printing is a real craft, which they obviously understand, but they are also good in communicating, having an open mind and staying positive, even when things go wrong. With their open mind they started using eco-ink next to the eco-friendly paper they already had in stock.
Today we checked on the colours for the reprint of the lanterns.

They store all the offset plates, for re-use!

Vega-fast ink, based on vegetable oils.

The machines...

Misprints are soooo beautiful!

And this is what I came for: checking the colours.

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  1. fascinating!

    hey a lady in the shop this morning was looking at your lanterns and said 'Ooooh arent they the just the sweetest nuts in the forest!



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