Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wood & Wool Stools (and buntings...)

Came across these stools and buntings on the internet yesterday. They are designed by Ingrid from Wood & Wool Stool. If you ask me they have exactly the right balance between eco-awareness, simplicity, nostalgia, colour, and shape. In short: they are! And I love her crocheted buntings. Funny thing is that I planned to photograph my lanterns in a greenhouse as well, but ended up in a beautiful and dark industrial old garage! So this is how it could have looked like, a fairytale party!

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  1. Tout à l'heure nous nous sommes vus à la Cèze et aussitôt entrée, je regarde....
    j'adore toutes ces choses petites et grandes que tu fais, c'est tout simplement ravissant, délicat, intemporel, bref, un univers de couleurs de graphismes et de poésie qui me font du bien
    je t'embrasse et on se voit peut-être demain à la rivière? Cathrine


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