Monday, August 31, 2009


No snow, no cosy candlelight today (it was sunny and 24 C): this is about my Christmas-mailing for the Dutch magazines. All the Christmas publications are being produced in August or the start of September. So, actually I am rather late this year!
Tomorrow I'll send the editors and stylists some new pictures I took from my angels (with the lanterns in the background). Hope they'll give them a little stage to sing their Christmas carols on!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scholten & Baijings

Wanted to write about Scholten & Baijings already for one whole year, but didn't have a blog back then to post anything on! So here they are, a pair of incredible designers.
Famous for their striped fabrics, but they designed so much more. A friend of mine met them in Milano and she told me that they were so friendly and easy going...
You can buy their cushion covers at the great webshop of one of my friends: BijzonderMOOI*


When I came home my eye caught this: a climbing plant silhouette on the sun screen of my window... so very summer!


Hello again! Had some wonderful weeks abroad. Fresh new inspiration in Germany and good old hard labour versus relaxation-sun-and-fun in France!

In a tiny white church in Bavaria (Germany) I saw this great cushion cover:

And yes...our luxurious stay in the Black Forest was great! Specially the well maintained cottage garden around our house was a real treat (not to mention the German Frühstück!).