Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tasty parasol in the woods

Looks like a piece of folded paper art. But it is a Parasol-mushroom, with a diameter of at least 25 cm! It was found by a couple we came across today during a walk with my family in a forest near us. He was a goodlooking tall Italian, who knew everything about wild vegetables. She was a dutch 'white whitch', made her own elixirs, herb-oils...
I asked: Wow, what is that mushroom you are holding in your hand? He (with this Italian accent): This is the best pizza base ever! Put it in a pan, bit of olive oil, unions on it, parsley, pomodori, cheese...
I am a bit afraid of just picking mushrooms for consumption (besides: it is forbidden to pick them here), I think you need a good book for advice. The odd couple told me: if you don't trust it, just don't pick it!


  1. I say what?? Forbidden to pick mushrooms?
    But OK to smoke them : ) Hoho

  2. Hi, hi! Our government must have been halucinating while working on this law....


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