Saturday, October 10, 2009

Duckfeet stövlar

Couldn't resist ordering these Duckfeet boots from Denmark. I hope to get them delivered next week!
Totally my cup of tea these 70's models! The boots look great for long walks in the woods behind my house and I think they will match with a basic black dress as well.
Duckfeet shoes and boots are manufactured in Europe already for 30 years with consideration for environment and people.


  1. hihi, seems like if certain people always adore certain designs...will look funny 4 duckies under one table at saturday...looking sooo forward!

  2. great boots. seems like these shoes are going to follow my camper boots next winter. are they as comfortable as they look?

  3. Yes, they are! I had a great winter with warm feet thanks to these boots!


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