Sunday, November 22, 2009

december G I V E - A W A Y

Looking at the sad news I posted yesterday I just thought: there must be so many people that could use some extra attention, love and joy in December.
I would like to donate three sets of my paper angels accompanied by a (limited edition and not for sale) XL-angel I just created for special occasions. I'll send these to three persons of your choice.

So: do you know anyone for whom this December give away would make a difference, for whom it would bring a little joy in dark times?

Please send me an email with your friends name and adress and write a little text that I can put on a small card in the parcel. I don't mind to send all over the world, it is my treat! On Sunday December 13th I'll have my sons draw three names and I'll send it the next day.
Please send an email to:


  1. Just wanted to say what a kind, thoughtful idea this is. I'm sure your beautiful angels will bring joy and happiness to whom ever they fly away to :)

  2. hej Jurianne, I just cut and pasted your free 101 woonideeen lantern and it shining next to me :D


  3. Ingrid, thanks, that's good news. I'll post them on my blog as soon as I got used to that strange lavender the editors picked...

  4. Ha Jurianne, Leuk, die lantarentjes bij de !01, zelfs met dat lavendel ;-) Ik heb een abonnement en kreeg maar liefst 2 bewijs-exemplaren, dus nu kan ik straks 3 echte Jurianne Matters op tafel zetten!

    En, ook leuk: ik geef je bij deze de Kreativ Blogger Award (hoop dat je m nog niet hebt?). Je vindt 'm op mijn blog:

  5. So nice , so nice!
    A beautifull things You have!


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