Sunday, November 29, 2009

the making of....

Maybe some of my Dutch blog readers already know that I designed the December give away for the interior magazine 101-Woonideeën. It is a paper lantern you can cut yourself (the ones I sell myself are already cut out), since 101 Woonideeën is a crafty magazine and very much into DIY!

Got a lovely stylish, sweet and romantic moodboard/briefing from their great art-director (it was a feast working with you, Monique!). Soft pastels and ottoman embroidery, and I was even asked to use a shiny silver! To be honest: this style was a real challenge for me!
I designed a whole bunch of lanterns, and then suddenly I found my (nordic, straight, graphic) 'touch' to go with this project. Found colours and patterns that mixed the required style together with my own handwriting. I kept a couple of them, took some pictures, to share with you. On the right side you can see the 'winner'.

Poor editors of 101: they were looking forward so much to the silver on the lanterns... the printers told them some weeks before publishing it wouldn't be possible. They chose another colour instead, a kind of deep lavender that shocked my eye in the first place, but which I like more and more every time I look at it.
So: very well done, 101! Hoorah!


  1. Very pretty ♥ ones and even without the silver touch they all are festive designs. I would buy the whole set :D


  2. Together it's a pretty collection which looks very Jurianne!

  3. Today I blog about your wonderful angels and then when I google your name I found out that you also have a blog. Regards from Maria in Sweden.

  4. Lovely lamps! I just found your blog via Hannah Nunn's. I'm a fan of paper too, and am enjoying reading through your archives. Happy creating!

  5. How can i buy these digital paper patterns, please?


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