Friday, December 25, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

and not to forget...

this Christmas favorite!

This amazing stocking, a present I got from Bjørke who made it by hand. I wonder: Where on earth did she find these lovely pieces of fabric? Beautyfully assembled, like allways. Allthough I didn't have time to dress up my house for Christmas, this gives it the right atmosphere in an instant.
Next to it you see a lucky rabbit from Isabel. She makes like hundreds of them at the moment (from chinese newspapers and all kinds of wallpaper, candy papers. I have send some to a couple of very special people today, to wish them lots of luck in the coming year, but I had to keep this one.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

winter in Holland

Yeah!!!! It is winter in Holland, we enjoyed the snow on the heather behind our house.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

my christmas favorites

Took some pictures of my personal christmas favorites today. I share the images tonight, will post the rest/info tomorrow...too busy, too tired! (Thursday night)

....It is amazing: suddenly there is this quiet Saturday morning, my sons having their weekly computersessions, my husband reading the newspaper, a snowwhite world outside, silent. I love these kinds of mornings, the best time to post on my blog!

Top left: a present my friend Anneli Levin from Stockholm sent me last week. Anneli has a brilliant taste in mixing design and crafts. You can buy this handmade porcelain pendant by Fideli Sundqvist (they all have a different shape...handmade!) at her webshop called Cosas. Cosas is worth a visit anyway!

Top right: Advent Calendar by Natalie Lété. Searched the internet for webshops where you could buy it for next year and found this one in the UK: Lapin & Me

The tree-pendant-tree is a gift, or rather a christmas greeting card, sent by my friend Linda. She is a felting artist and she sends me a mini piece of art (ATC) every now and then. I'll show the whole collection once. This tree however is made of strips of a vintage blanket. It 's so subtle and simple. Thanks Linda!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

december G I V E A W A Y - follow up!

On post of the december give away I received many sweet, sometimes heartbreaking, reactions. All the names submitted by you deserve boxes full of angels!! But I had to protect myself for a lot of work (in my busiest month of the year) so I limited the 'choice' to three persons.

This morning, a perfect sunny and cold winter morning, my sons draw three names from the wooden bowl. The 'givers' already received an email. And tomorrow the surprise angels will go on their journey to three lovely people who can use some extra attention and love in the coming weeks.