Sunday, December 13, 2009

december G I V E A W A Y - follow up!

On post of the december give away I received many sweet, sometimes heartbreaking, reactions. All the names submitted by you deserve boxes full of angels!! But I had to protect myself for a lot of work (in my busiest month of the year) so I limited the 'choice' to three persons.

This morning, a perfect sunny and cold winter morning, my sons draw three names from the wooden bowl. The 'givers' already received an email. And tomorrow the surprise angels will go on their journey to three lovely people who can use some extra attention and love in the coming weeks.


  1. Such a lovely and generous idea. Heartwarming!

  2. Thank you, Hannah. I wish I could do more for some people, even the XL-angel feels so tiny in this case. It is only a small gesture...


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