Saturday, January 23, 2010

polish pajaki

Strange...sometimes I come across things that have been famous already for months (or years) in the blog world, but somehow have been invisible to me. This 'pajaki' (Polish paper chandelier) for example, posted already in 2008 by Laura Normandin on her great blog Wren Handmade.
I was like struck by lightning when I 'found' it yesterday. This kind of folkloric paperwork is so inspiring! Five years ago I made a colourful paper chandelier like this with a diameter of 2 meters as a decoration for a huge party. If I ever find time it will be my first project to make one for my home...


  1. I´ve never seen this pretty paper chandelier before either and I´m glad I found it on your blog. Quite special object, the kind of thing that makes your home just a better place.

  2. Yes, it is wonderful and inspiring! I have never seen it before...

  3. I love these -I'm very in to Poland at the moment, there's some amazing work coming out of that country...
    You should look at this for more inspiration :)

  4. never seen before, thank you Jurianne - and yes THAT is really really great!! I am impressed, but is it not very often - we underestimate the former eastern europe countries? Hungary has incredible embroideries...for example - oh sorry I forgot you are in papers! I will watch out!

  5. Well, I thought I was the only one that didn't know those great pajaki!
    Dolores, you are near all those countries where they still have wonderfull crafty traditions. Actually, I think your own country (Austria) was leading in folkloric traditions not such long time ago. It would be a pitty when the old crafty women would lose and forget their skills... Please consider giving them a place in your great new magazine!

  6. I wanted one for a long time but I guess they are expensive...
    Jurinne guess you can make a small one for ,would be fun

  7. I saw similar ones in shops here ... love them !!


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