Saturday, February 6, 2010

happy birthday!

My friend (and business coach) Sabien turned 40 this week. Tonight we'll have her roller-disco-70's-party at her home in Amsterdam! Bought her a great vintage button necklace made by Bjørke. After I wrapped the necklace in a done-in-60-seconds homemade giftwrap I took some photo's. So if you want to see the present itself just check out Bjørke's website. Sorry!
The giftwrap is just a printed A4 sheet of paper with a pattern and a personal text. Tied up with some of my last bamboo paperclips. Bought those (I don't remenber where) already 15 years ago. Does anyone know if bamboo paperclips still are manufactured somewhere in the world? Thailand, Vietnam? Anyway, paperclips are worth to write a special post about, I love them!


  1. Happy birthday to Sabien as well!!!! lovely greetings from Vienna!


    (my birthday is on 7thofapril ;-))))) (just the paper!via mail-no costs ;-))))

    no serios: please be so kind and tell me what is that font called - soo nice!

  2. The party was great and Sabine and I both wore silver shoes with the highest heels you can imagine, that was so funny!
    Thanks for the compliments. Of course I'll send you the print. Maybe I should make it a goodie, to be downloaded from my blog... the font is great, but some letters are a bit strange. The letter 'b' looks like 'la'. but if you use it well for some words it's lovely. You can download the font for free at, that is: if you don't use it professionally. For professional use you have to purchase it. But it's not expensive. The name is 'peach sundress'.

  3. nice present-paper. hope you had a great party yesterday...
    yours dani

  4. Dank voor je lieve berichtje!


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