Saturday, February 20, 2010

pom pom pom pom pom

This morning I opened the curtains....again a thin white layer of snow in the garden. I am getting a bit fed up with winter (sorry!). In order to speed spring up a bit I searched for 'festive', 'paper' and 'colours' on Etsy. And I found hundreds of pompoms!
These lovely ones you can buy at Orange Kisses and Party Poms.

But it must be real fun to make pom poms yourself as well. Made real easy with a little help from good old Martha!


  1. Wow, dat zijn nog eens mooie pompoms. Hartelijk dank voor de tip(s).
    En inderdaad de winter mag nu wel plaatsmaken voor de lente!


  2. Very nice indeed!! Did you see my paper chandelier in our bedbox? look here:

  3. Hi Sandra, thanks for visiting me here. You made a polish pajaki! It looks gorgeous. Wish I could find the time to make one myself...

  4. Hi ,I got some from party pom in a cool green, love them

    and I dreaming of a pajaki

  5. yes we have snow too today. Boooh. I want Spring. Thanks for brightening up the morning!

  6. Mooooi.. Maar nog moooooooier: je blommen! Ik ga ze zeker aanschaffen, voor een instant lente gevoel.

    Gefeliciteerd emet dit superleuke nieuwe papierjuweeltje...


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