Sunday, April 25, 2010

tablecloth final

The postman was my best friend this week! Again an exciting parcel. This time from Engel, in cooperation with the Audax Textile Museum.
In March we went to the museum with our own designs, which the people of the Textile Laboratory helped convert into woven fabrics. See and read more about this 'tablecloth-project' right here. We had to wait a little while before the tablecloths and the tea towels were ready and this week they came 'home'!
The project was a gift from Engel to her designers. Well, what can I tell you...I am so happy with it, it is so amazing. I mean, it's a real tablecloth and I designed it. To be honest: I am very proud. And thankful, of course!

more fairies

This time 3 lovely Japanese fairies - that I met some time ago - have sent me a little parcel full of beatiful presents! Amongst others exciting paper goods and two books: 'Happy book of Origami' and 'Happy book of Kirigami'. Both designed by one of the fairies: Miho Sakato, of Sakato design. As far as I could discover the publisher is Orange Page, but I couldn't find out on their website where these books can be bought (my Japanese is not that good).
The Japanese are the Inventors of Small Things that Make You Happy, that's why I love them! Thank you so much Masami, Naomi and Miho for sending me this little parcel full of Happiness.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

kristina's colours

O.k., don't know where to start with this post: her inspiring blog or...her breathtaking designs. Her use of colours swept me of my feet. I was almost speechless (which is exceptional, as some of you know), when I saw her necklaces the first time. Kristina Klarin is a textile and fashion designer with, that may be obvious, a great love of colours. I think she is an expert in finding a balance in the most strange colour combinations.


Just went virtual shopping (meaning: online and without spending any money, but having great fun) at Kind of new to me, this UK-based store, allthough I heard the name many times before. It has a nice style, a bit 'brocante' combined with trendy stuff. Great for an online (and King's Road) visit!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

chika and jean

These faboulous textile notebooks are made by Chika and Jean from the Etsy shop Chikabird. Notebooks are - together with teatowels, pendant lamps, coffee cups and teapots - my absolute weakness!

papercraft fairy

A sweet fairy that works at Gottmer Publishers has dropped a surprise in my mailbox the other day: a papercraft book by Claire Youngs. In dutch it is called 'Prachtig papier' in english it was published under the name 'Stylish papercraft'. Allthough everyone has a different definition of what is 'stylish', I do think this book can show you some fresh ideas and techniques. You can be inspired by it and make your own piece of authentic and personal papercraft!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Did you already know that Guusje (from Guusjes Appeltaart blog) opened a little internet shop? She sells her amazing screenprints, starring sweet, poetic animals and fairytale flowers, in short: starring Guusjes world. I also love the funny way she presents her work!

Friday, April 9, 2010

THE summer bag

Blown away by a bag!
Made by the swedish Oddbirds, all the bags are unique and made of vintage patches. I think those large graphic patterns combine beautifully with the small romantic patterns! They are available at Cosas, the webstore of my friend and distributor Anneli in Stockholm.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

new lamps, old words

Yay, there was a sunbeam in my workroom so I could take a picture of my new enamel lamps! Found on...good old dutch Marktplaats (which is our local Ebay). Wanted to print some letters for the empty wall and the first words that came across my mind were: LIVE TODAY. Those words are in my mind already for years! But I still need to read them every hour: I'm always heading for the future, always busy and I should not forget to live NOW!

easter morning

Rain and grey clouds outside, a happy celebration of the rebirth of nature (and life) inside!
I have a nice easter lump on my forehead: wanted to break a hardboiled egg there, just like my cool sons do...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

etsy 'mustard' finds

Hi! Wanted to show you my new yellow enamel lamps and my easter-table (newspaperbunny, eggs, magnolia in the vase...) but: it is pitch black outside, it rains and I am not able to take any good photographs.
I did find some nice mustard coloured things on etsy though!!! A lovely egg beanie for your easter breakfast by Froggs and Fairies and unique handcut cards by Crafterall. Brightens my day!