Friday, April 16, 2010


Did you already know that Guusje (from Guusjes Appeltaart blog) opened a little internet shop? She sells her amazing screenprints, starring sweet, poetic animals and fairytale flowers, in short: starring Guusjes world. I also love the funny way she presents her work!


  1. Hello Jurianne! how gorgeous is Guusje's photo above! I love it too. I didn't know she opened the shop, but just had a look - it's fabulous. And she's soooo lovely too! Thank you for posting this - I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. xo best wishes, K.

  2. Ohhhhh, dank je wel! Wat fijn! (bloossssss)

    Dikke kussen ,Guusje

  3. Jeah, Guuster!!

    en Jurianne, ik kwam je blommen weer tegen, nu in de Flair! Wij gaan het huisje onder ons huis, wat een klein oud keldertje was, schilderen en jouw bloemen komen er als opvrolijker!

    Fijn weekend, Daan


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