Saturday, May 22, 2010


My youngest son Brecht turned 11 today! I remember his birth like it was yesterday and so does probably the whole neighbourhood in Amsterdam where we lived back then (it was a short and loud delivery, ha, ha!).
Of course, like in all dutch households, this morning the living was decorated with paper buntings. The birthday flower candles are waiting to be put on the cake. Those candles are amazing, when you light them, the lotus flower pops open, starts 'singing' and never stops until you smash it in the garden and crush it with you feet!

I took Brecht shopping in the 'big city' after school yesterday. We bought a pair of cool sneakers, a pair of dance shoes for his MJ-lessons, a horrible world-cup-referee Björn Borg boxer short and we went out for a lovely Italian dinner. After that we stumbled into a festival pop concert, he held my hand all the time and I just felt so proud and happy...
In the meantime Peter did a make-over in his room. Painted the walls, made a long worktable with two worklamps, he hang up the new curtains, decorated the room with a new carpet, new duvet cover and a mirror (to check his MJ-moves), in fact he changed the whole setting. Imagine Brecht's face when we came home...


  1. Proficiat, lieve Jurianne, dat jullie maar een super dag mogen beleven met elkaar!
    x Guusje

  2. Happy birthday to your son. I hope he has a wonderful day. :))

    Oh, I got all touched when I read all the lovely things you and your husband did to surprise and celebrate your son and his birthday. He sounds as if he is a wonderful boy. Especially the part where he held your hand during the concert made me all moved. I know exactly how you feel. I have a son who is 12. :))

    And those flowers seem to be very special! How cool it must look when they pop open...

  3. Best wishes to the Birthday boy!

  4. happy birthday to Brecht and thanks again you for your 'Jurianne was here' tips and that candle looks fairy nice.

  5. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  6. what a great gift ... belated happy birthday to Brecht

  7. Hoera Brecht! Dikke kus van Bjør.
    Pleuntje is vandaag 3 geworden!
    Tot snel,

  8. gefeliciteerd, en jullie hebben zeker je best gedaan er een onvergetelijke dag van te maken!

  9. all the best to the BIG boy!!!! wow, 11 - big thing for him, but also for you - you are doing a perfect (mom)job!
    congrats to both of you!


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