Sunday, May 2, 2010

mana mou ellas

We are going to pack our suitcases today and leave for Greece tomorrow. My parents will celebrate their 50 years wedding anniversary on the empty south coast of Crete. There is only a beach, an old Venetian castle and a palmtree-garden with white houses where we are going to stay.

For me it will be a reunion with an old passion! I studied New Greek at the University of Amsterdam 24 years ago (I am in shock... 24?). I even studied in Thessaloniki, a beautiful city in Northern Greece. Well, actually: I didn't appear to be an academic researcher, I just loved the language. The sound, the cultural background, the language-filosophy and the beautiful 'design' of the alfabeth! After two years I had to let the non-realistic Greek dream go.

So I looked between my books this week and yes... I found my greek dictionaries and in one of them I found some short stories I wrote back then. What strikes me the most is that I even had my very own handwriting (see photo), in Greek.

So, poor mother Greece (this is an understatement at the moment)- Mana Mou Ellas: your lost daughter is coming for a visit!

Bye, bye blogfriends, I'll be back on the 11th of May.


  1. Een hele fijne tijd, Jurianne!

  2. Jurianne, i just wanted to say that I now have your BLOM. They really are the most joyous happy things. I have a bunch on my wondowsill...but they also want to live on top of the piano....and on the coffee table...and on the kitchen table. They might have to come with me wherever I go!

    Hope you're having nice holidays!xxx


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