Monday, May 24, 2010

spot on Anu

Came across her work through the inspirational blog of Lou et Tom the other day. And searching on the internet to learn more about this Finnish artist, I found out that 'the blogworld' spotted Anu Tuominen already years ago... Still I think I should show it on my blog too.
Her work is amazing, poetic, sweet. Anu makes a fairytale of small every day life!


  1. Love that cloud of multicolor crochet pot holders. Her website is really inspirational, thanks for sharing!

  2. beautiful work, so glad you posted about Anu. Hope you're having a lovely week Jurianne! xo :) Kristina

  3. I love her fresh perspective on life!

  4. ik krijg spontaan zin in worteltjes!
    en ik heb een abonnement op de 101! ik verheug me op het komende nummer.....tralalala....

  5. love the huge mandala wall thing. what is that exactly? very inspiring work.

  6. I never get tired of admiring her work ...


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