Saturday, June 26, 2010

fresh finds

In the last weeks I was dying for a visit at the local second hand store. Really got fed up with the 'solitary-confinement-part' of my (design) job! So I went there last Wednesday for 30 minutes and apparently it was my lucky day!

The folkloric girl is completely handcrafted out of fabric (except for the head, that is made of paper maché with a varnish). She had a worried but sweet look on her face and I simply had to take this little woman home at once.

The pitcher, with the round stopper, looks a bit scandinavian and is great for my bedroom glass collection!

The glass-bird survived the seventies and the rest of the last century and I hope it will survive me and my family as well.

And I bought a bowl and a mini vase for rescued flowers.

In short: Happy for only EUR 7,50!

In Holland it is finally SUMMER! Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

summer? spring!

Although summer started yesterday, I unfolded a little garden called 'Spring' on my table! It's a new tablecloth I designed for my friend Sabien, who has this great wholesalebusiness called Engel. I already designed Little Elephant, which has a rather different feel. Spring is definately a sunshine design, Elephant is more masculin and could serve in wintertime as well. Sabien sells both designs as tablecloths, childrens aprons (they are sooooo cute, will show them later) and place mats. It's all made of a matt coated cotton, which you can wash and even iron on the cotton side.
You can contact Engel for wholesale information and of course for a salespoint near you!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I should be more modest, but here I go: I am proud of the interview in one of our most outstanding, crafty, indie, interior magazines in Holland: 101-Woonideeën. The fact is: I was pictured as myself. Not more than that, just me, with my chaos, my fun, my wrinkles, my colours, my seriousness, my blue dress and a workroom full of paper! 4 pages of me, 2 pages of give away boats, that you can cut and fold yourself. What can I say... if you are in Holland or Belgium: buy this July issue of 101!
ps: you can win one of my Bloms via their website!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

paper biënnale, first visit

A small impression of the paperwork we saw today!
Missed it two years ago, so I was happy I came across an announcement somewhere on the www. The dutch paper biënnale is held every two years in two provincial museums, one in Apeldoorn and one in Rijswijk. I took my parents (who live in the countryside near Apeldoorn) and my two sons with me today... it was great! I saw sparkles in my mothers eyes all the time in the museum, she loves paper as much as I do. I loved seeing my sons being so interested in most of the works. They wanted to see them from every angle, wanted to know how the construction was made etc.
In september I'll visit the other museum, the collection overthere seems to be a bit more detailed, less monumental. Can't wait!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

a multitude of angels, playing with my heart...

Well, to keep you posted on my sometimes rocky road to a new series of paper angels, we have landed in heaven. This is the fun part of the journey and the hardest part at the same time: Choosing the final angels!

I designed and (hand)made dozens of angels, each one of them with a specific character. The hard part is the fact that they all seem to say: "pick me, pick me" and since I am the designer I am the only one that has to make this choice. Hard, because I even love the ones I consider to be ugly and not well designed. They are so much more to me than only pieces of paper!
I am very happy to tell you that I finally managed to choose seven beautiful sisters yesterday.
To be continued!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

soccer world cup

If they would use these kind of balls - gorgeous embroidered woolfelt - in South Africa the coming weeks I wouldn't miss a single match. The colours and the geometric patterns of the embroidery are exactly what I have in mind as an inspiration for new designs this week (see previous post).
Deborah from Kickan & Conkers spotted them at Toirtoise General Store, an American webstore with great (and sometimes rather expensive) everyday stuff. And alternative soccer balls...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

fase two

What you see here is only a fraction of the images and prints that are covering the table in my workroom. Since this week I finally entered fase two of the design process of a new series of paper angels. They are going to be printed next week, at least that is what I aim for. Creative processes are hard to put in a scheme...

Brainstorming (fase 1) and making sketches/prints (fase 2) I noticed that I am inspired by small geometric graphics this time. Weaving, knitwork, crochet, but also: small, simple and rather abstract japanese prints. These angels will be so different from their sisters of 2008!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

number three

Yeahhhh, after 5 months I finally found the third Kaj Franck lamp for my kitchen! I am very happy with it. First I thought: three is a crowd, but then it looked like my kitchen was split in two, bending over at the red-lamp-side. This lamp comes from the same Danish webshop as the first two: It is not the cheapest vintage design shop I know (maybe that is because of the high shipment rates from Denmark!), but owner Susan Momme sells only beautiful pieces in a very good condition! If you love scandinavian design, just check her 'nyheder' (new articles) every now and then!