Saturday, June 26, 2010

fresh finds

In the last weeks I was dying for a visit at the local second hand store. Really got fed up with the 'solitary-confinement-part' of my (design) job! So I went there last Wednesday for 30 minutes and apparently it was my lucky day!

The folkloric girl is completely handcrafted out of fabric (except for the head, that is made of paper maché with a varnish). She had a worried but sweet look on her face and I simply had to take this little woman home at once.

The pitcher, with the round stopper, looks a bit scandinavian and is great for my bedroom glass collection!

The glass-bird survived the seventies and the rest of the last century and I hope it will survive me and my family as well.

And I bought a bowl and a mini vase for rescued flowers.

In short: Happy for only EUR 7,50!

In Holland it is finally SUMMER! Have a nice weekend!


  1. Was je in Naarden?
    Ik heb vandaag in een bloedhete auto Kortenhoef leeggetrokken.
    Ik moest er even tussen uit en dan wordt je van zo'n bezoekje helemaal blij!

  2. Wat een heerlijke vondsten, jurriane!
    Zonnig weekend, geniet ervan!


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