Sunday, June 6, 2010

number three

Yeahhhh, after 5 months I finally found the third Kaj Franck lamp for my kitchen! I am very happy with it. First I thought: three is a crowd, but then it looked like my kitchen was split in two, bending over at the red-lamp-side. This lamp comes from the same Danish webshop as the first two: It is not the cheapest vintage design shop I know (maybe that is because of the high shipment rates from Denmark!), but owner Susan Momme sells only beautiful pieces in a very good condition! If you love scandinavian design, just check her 'nyheder' (new articles) every now and then!


  1. wauw, die zijn echt prachtig!

  2. Wow wat is het mooi zo!

  3. Wat gaaf die bordjes! En wat een jeugdsentiment voor mij. Mijn moeder had ze gespaard bij Bue Band. Spakenburg was 'mijn' bordje!

  4. looks wonderful
    I have some vintage bowls from the same company


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