Sunday, August 29, 2010

functional vintage

Last week I came back from the 2nd hand store with some of the usual small bowls and retro mini vases and even an original Japanese kokeshi doll...but also with something Functional.
It's a ceramic pull string container! Even the men in my house - who prefer functional above beautiful - liked it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

toddler art

Inspired by the words of Picasso Ingrid from ING-THINGS mentioned in her weekend post: "Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up" I suddenly looked at the 'toddler art' collection of my two sons in a different way. They are 11 and 12 years old now, hope they will still make dangerous dragons (and great mice and cows) like this in ten years!

there was light...

And now for some uplifting news: Saw these great lamps in a magazine the other day. Designer is award winning Benjamin Hubert. Of all his designs I like his lighting the best: basic beauty, down-to-earth materials and a little hint of the seventies.

powder warning for those using a laser printer

My 10 months old huge colour laser printer was out of order already for some weeks. Quite annoying since I am rather dependent on my hardware as a designer.

A big white stripe on the right side of the page, loose powder everywhere.
After days of phoning with Epson, checking, cleaning and trying to print, Epson asked me whether I had used clone (fake, which means non-Epson) toner cartridges.
As a matter of fact: I did! It saves like 30% compared to the real Epson ones and everyone seems to be totally happy with the quality. I allways thought manufacturers only tried to 'threaten' us with those stories about bad quality, in order to earn even more money than they already do. Well, now I know they don't!

I checked the cartridges and yes.... the fake ones were all somehow broken and leaking toner all over the place, the Epson ones were ok.
And now I feel stupid (and dutch!): tried to save money buying the clones and I completely ruined my beautiful printer. The toner itself is great, it 's the cartridges that seem to be of inferior quality.
So please learn from my mistake: don't buy fake-toner cartridges for your laser printer!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

DIY dad

The blog of this DIY dad (artist) makes my heart beat faster!
The simplicity, the love, the fun... Joel creates for and together with his children, who are by the way adorable and look very happy. Well, wouldn't you be with a dad like Joel?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

we sing for ing

They were waiting for a Sunday like this, my little Ing-birds. I gave them a stem, as if they were flowers (like my own Blom). When I put them in my green glass vase they filled me with joy: Paper, patterns, colour, folded with love and attention, send to me by a very sweet kindred spirit... What more does Jurianne want?
I want to send a part of this joy back to Ingrid, the mother of these birds and the owner of one of the most inspirational, honest and pure blogs I came across last year. She folds birds, she crafts and crochetes, writes like a poet, goes treasure hunting on second hand markets and last but not least: she takes lovely pictures. A lot of the items on her blog are for sale. And every visit at her blog moves me in a way.
So Ingrid from INGTHINGS, today they sing for you!

another stop at envelop

After buying one designed by Jessica Nielsen I found more beautiful cushion covers at Envelop. The purple one is from Sarah Palisi, the other one- which I definately want for Christmas - is designed by Mrs. Elliot Books.

wheather forecast: clouds

Cushion cover by Donna Wilson. Sunshine on a rainy day, if you ask me.

Cloud interior objects designed by the Bouroullec brothers for Kvadrat. For spacious museum homes! I could do with a miniature version of it...


The men are still sleeping, the house is ssssshhh, the yesterday newspaper has been read.... perfect moment to browse on the internet with a large hot coffee next to me. Most of the computer-related activities mean 'work' to me, so I cherish relaxed internet-moments like these!
Found some sweet things on Etsy:
This owl toy by Robin & Mould. Don't forget to check their blog too. Full of inspiring information! The hand-built ceramic miniature houses are made by The little red door. Wish I could live there on days that I feel small...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Funny....this is me, with Blom. In an interview published in Ariadne At Home two weeks ago (august issue). Blom didn't need any makeup and I was transformed into a real At Home-woman, fitting in the format. Which needed a flowery dress, lots of make-up and big hair! Things you'll not catch me in in daily life. Nevertheless the picture turned out to be real nice, I think!
The journalist who interviewed me did a great job. It appeared to be someone I knew already: one of my neighbours! I like the way she combined the facts, quotes, inspirations and characteristics in this story.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

back in bussum!

Back from a lovely holiday in France and a short stay in Switzerland.

We came across rusty brocante stuff,

we saw churches and

lots of dear friends and some small medieval towns with

colourful details!

The view from our house: never a dull moment!

Going back to Switzerland - was one of my wishes for a long time!

As my ancestors were 'Matters' that lived near the Matterhorn in the Mattervalley I wanted to see the swiss Giant myself.

After driving for seven hours, spending bags full of swiss franks for taxes, trains and open lifts (or 'gondels' like we call them - which were VERY 007 according to my sons), all my family-mountain was willing to show us upthere was the tiny top of his head. The rest he kept covered in clouds!

But we played in the snow, near the gletscher next to the snowboarders and we had a great uplanned hike back to Zermatt. And then - I must admit - after 2 very large swiss beers, we looked up in the direction of the mountain and yes... there it was, allmost without clouds: My Matterhorn!