Saturday, August 28, 2010

powder warning for those using a laser printer

My 10 months old huge colour laser printer was out of order already for some weeks. Quite annoying since I am rather dependent on my hardware as a designer.

A big white stripe on the right side of the page, loose powder everywhere.
After days of phoning with Epson, checking, cleaning and trying to print, Epson asked me whether I had used clone (fake, which means non-Epson) toner cartridges.
As a matter of fact: I did! It saves like 30% compared to the real Epson ones and everyone seems to be totally happy with the quality. I allways thought manufacturers only tried to 'threaten' us with those stories about bad quality, in order to earn even more money than they already do. Well, now I know they don't!

I checked the cartridges and yes.... the fake ones were all somehow broken and leaking toner all over the place, the Epson ones were ok.
And now I feel stupid (and dutch!): tried to save money buying the clones and I completely ruined my beautiful printer. The toner itself is great, it 's the cartridges that seem to be of inferior quality.
So please learn from my mistake: don't buy fake-toner cartridges for your laser printer!

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