Sunday, August 15, 2010


The men are still sleeping, the house is ssssshhh, the yesterday newspaper has been read.... perfect moment to browse on the internet with a large hot coffee next to me. Most of the computer-related activities mean 'work' to me, so I cherish relaxed internet-moments like these!
Found some sweet things on Etsy:
This owl toy by Robin & Mould. Don't forget to check their blog too. Full of inspiring information! The hand-built ceramic miniature houses are made by The little red door. Wish I could live there on days that I feel small...


  1. Hoi Juut,
    Herken het moment, heerlijk. Hier is ook nog iedereen onder zeil, mijn vader is met Hummer weg en ik in alle rust een beetje op het internet. Schattige huisjes weer.
    Laat dit moment nog maar even duren.


  2. thank you so much for visiting my shop and featuring my little houses on your lovely blog :)

  3. echt mooie dingen ik hou van het kussentje ;)

  4. leuk zo'n gekleurd dorp in huis!


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