Tuesday, September 28, 2010

oh my Lloyd!

We 've spent our Sunday in Amsterdam, on the Elle Inside Design Show in the fab Lloyd Hotel.
My 12 year old son Eise insisted on coming with me and that made it very special.

He took great pictures overthere and I really think he has 'the eye' (but then again: I am his mother...) ! Some photo's you can see here, others are only to be found on his cute own photo-blog called My View.

The settings in my camera were somehow wrong (or do I need glasses for taking pictures?) so lots of pictures were kind of soft focuss. But - together with the ones my son took - they are still nice, I think.

Anyway, we had a great day! We saw beautifull things and every step I took I met an old friend or a new acquaintance. Besides I ended up having a lovely dinner with Karin, Sabien and Sandra! My cool son went home by himself, by train, from Amsterdam to Bussum. To be honest: that was harder for me (let go, let go) than it was for him!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today I roll out the red carpet for my latest edition of paper angels called Sing! They are available at my wholesale company right now and at my stockists very soon!

As soon as I have time I'll unite them with their older sisters - who are still available - on my website!
So, dear angels, spread your wings, fly away and sing!

Monday, September 13, 2010

swallow summer souvenir

My weekend: Met my friend Anneli in Amsterdam (who's my Swedish distributor and owner of Cosas). We talked, walked, laughed, drank and had dinner at night. It was good to be 'out', especially with Anneli!

Yesterday Annemieke, Ellen and I went to the promising 2nd part of the Paper Biennale in Rijswijk. I went to part one in the Coda museum some time ago and it was a stunning little paper exhibition. Yesterday it was the last day of the Biennale, therefore the Rijswijk museum even had a Paper Market. Sorry to say: it was a deception. Maybe I am a spoiled brat concerning paper, but I didn't feel the inspiration that I felt in the Coda museum. And the market: it was boring, dusty. They could have attract so many nice young paper crafters in Holland! Nevertheless we had great fun just spending the day together. And that counts.

Inspiration? I find it in small things, like the new swallow bracelet by my dutch friend Björke. She gave it to me together with some sweet Swedish souvenirs (she bought piles of presents at Lagerhaus) that I hope to take pictures of some other time....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

car booth treasures

Friend Linda and me went to a car booth sale early this morning. The sale was held on a field between gardens and greenhouses, next to the river Amstel. Sunshine, nice people and lovely little treasures, what a good way to start your Sunday!

Friday, September 3, 2010