Saturday, October 30, 2010


On our way home from France we paid a flying visit at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Our Dutch pride, designer Piet Hein Eek (first two images), opened his new huge factory/showroom/office/studio/restaurant in one of the old industrial Philips buildings - called Strijp R. The photo's above are taken at that location. We went (by free Design Taxi's) to other locations too, but it was apparently só overwhelming that I forgot to take any pictures at all.

The enourmous tent lamp and the 'suitcase-cupboard' are designed by Lotty Lindeman, the black and white wallpaper is by Melissa Peen. But those great glass lamps... sorry, I know they are famous, seen them before, but I don't remember the designers name! Anyone?

autumn leave between the autumn leaves

We took a few days off, just to be away from everyday life. We are blessed with very dear friends having a lovely country-house in France, only a five hours drive from here. We had 3 great, cosy days outside and inside, with fires, wine, board games, crochet work and 10 kilo's of pears to be peeled.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

sunday joy

Joy today: My new vintage treasure vase. The paper animals are instant art that my youngest son Brecht made in 2 minutes this morning.
If you look at it you wouldn't think he's an 11 year old... let's be honest. The fact is: he can not draw precisely and he has no patience whatsoever. But he turned this limitation into a strong talent in making simple things even more simple (graphic). And yes, he does remind me!
By the way: The 'parrot' and the 'croc' fit into each other, they are one piece of paper, isn't that lovely?

crochet therapy

It is my own fault that I worked too hard - 70 hours a week - for over a month. My problem: Enthusiasm! Can't say 'no' to great design projects for other companies, allthough I have a fulltime business to run.
Last week I finished the last one. Sorry that I can't post anything on these projects right now, they are still in progress (meaning: being produced), but you'll be the first to know when they see the daylight!

Anyway, I was exhausted last week, but in the same time couldn't keep my hands still. I saw Linda and Ingrid crocheting their way through the week and I thought: yeahhh, I want that too. Thanks so much to both of you for the inspiration!

It is 36 years ago that I last crocheted a potholder...and here you see: my first therapy scarf! I assure you this is the best thing to do after such a period of non-stop hard (digital)labour. I have got my energy back, I feel happy and relaxed! It is going to be a long, long scarf!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

october mood

Tried to cling to summer (see beach life post last week) but wind, cold and rain made me surrender this's autumn. After an Etsy-visit this morning I must say: the beautiful October-stuff I found there makes the season-switch more than bearable!
From top left: Earrings by Jillian Mackowiak. Ceramic pendant by Nifty by nature. Woolfelted pincushion Made in Lowell (by Liz Smith). And - there she is again - a crotcheted cushion cover by Emma Lamb

Sunday, October 10, 2010

sunny sunday

Like last week on Sunday, we've spent a long afternoon at the Henschotermeer today. It's only a 25 minutes drive, there's a wide beach, water, trees and... not too many people in October. The boys have been kiting and building sand castles, I read some magazines and I was even seduced to play a sand-soccer match. I amazed every one including myself: scored 4 times, on my bare feet. Not bad, huh?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

gift from germany

I have these great distributors abroad that I work closely with. One of them is Sabine Wittig from La Mesa, my German representative. Not only do we share the love for paperwork, we also share beautiful memories of a mutual very special friend that died almost 6 years ago.
It's a thin line between doing business and being friends sometimes... not always easy, but I still like it.
Yesterday a gift package from Germany was delivered with beautiful greeting cards from her assortment and this apple-teatowel from Koloni, that I simply had to photograph in the early morning sun.
On the gift tag it said: 'Dear Jurianne, thanks for the great cooperation, Sabine.' Isn't that super sweet?


Pink? It will never become my favorite colour. For this occasion I made an exception though. With all my heart.
I designed a special pink wishboat with a ribbon-pattern for Pink Ribbon, the yearly magazine of the Breast Cancer Organisation. I must say: what a surprisingly fantastic mag!
Great interviews (a small one with me...), beautiful subjects, couragious women and a fab styling and photografy. The paper of the magazine is thick and matt, the typografy and graphics beautiful.
In other words: buy this present for yourself, read, look, fold a boat (collectors item: PINK!!) and support the Breastcancer Organisation for only € 5,95.

interior living show

I had a busy Amsterdam-day last Thursday so I only popped in for a very quick visit at the 'Woonbeurs'. I avoided the men in grey suits selling Quookers and gel-fireplaces and went straight on to the 'houses'(huge stands with several rooms) of our Dutch interior magazines. VT-Wonen and 101-Woonideeën were certainly worth a visit. 101 Woonideeën was very 'tactile', with a beautiful colour palette and a very fresh Asian feel.
VT-Wonen made a statement: colourful, masculin, no nonsense, crafty, with deep dark colours! Actually, their house was so dark (and crowded) I couldn't take a proper picture!
So above you see a tiny bit of the 101-house. The ceiling was covered with lovely laundry lines with hanging patches in these great Asian pastels...loved it!

Friday, October 1, 2010

style cookie

Style Cookie, a new stylish shopping 'e-zine', is online! Style cookie guides you - with great, inspirational photographs - directly to the shops that offer the presented products.
I've seen many great pictures taken with my Bloms but this one is the cutest of 'em all! Blom and I feel honoured.
Thank you Sanne (photographer) and Anke (stylist) for doing such a great job.