Sunday, October 24, 2010

crochet therapy

It is my own fault that I worked too hard - 70 hours a week - for over a month. My problem: Enthusiasm! Can't say 'no' to great design projects for other companies, allthough I have a fulltime business to run.
Last week I finished the last one. Sorry that I can't post anything on these projects right now, they are still in progress (meaning: being produced), but you'll be the first to know when they see the daylight!

Anyway, I was exhausted last week, but in the same time couldn't keep my hands still. I saw Linda and Ingrid crocheting their way through the week and I thought: yeahhh, I want that too. Thanks so much to both of you for the inspiration!

It is 36 years ago that I last crocheted a potholder...and here you see: my first therapy scarf! I assure you this is the best thing to do after such a period of non-stop hard (digital)labour. I have got my energy back, I feel happy and relaxed! It is going to be a long, long scarf!


  1. Heerlijk werkje! Ziet er leuk uit! Goed dat je wat hebt gevonden wat je lekker ontspant.
    Ik ga nu proberen kerstballen te haken om de lelijke super de boer kerstballen van vorig jaar te recyclen met Tinkerbell erop!

  2. Hoi Jurianne, wat leuk dat je bent gaan haken, het is een fijne gedachteloze bezigheid.
    het gekleurde randje erin vind ik ook wel een vondst!
    nb. de geknipte beestjes van je zoon zijn Top.
    fijne week met wat Haak-Momenten..

  3. Pas maar op, het is ernstig verslavend! Ziet er mooi uit, je sjaal! Deze verslaving levert wel iets leuks op, da's het grote voordeell



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