Saturday, October 2, 2010


Pink? It will never become my favorite colour. For this occasion I made an exception though. With all my heart.
I designed a special pink wishboat with a ribbon-pattern for Pink Ribbon, the yearly magazine of the Breast Cancer Organisation. I must say: what a surprisingly fantastic mag!
Great interviews (a small one with me...), beautiful subjects, couragious women and a fab styling and photografy. The paper of the magazine is thick and matt, the typografy and graphics beautiful.
In other words: buy this present for yourself, read, look, fold a boat (collectors item: PINK!!) and support the Breastcancer Organisation for only € 5,95.


  1. Dank voor het prachtige roze wensbootje in het Pink Ribbon Magazine. Ik heb het er nog niet uitgehaald, maar ga dat na het lezen, zeker doen!

  2. Prachtig, goed doel,mooi roze..

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