Sunday, November 28, 2010

winter-pop-up-shop in my village

Sorry for all you people living abroad, but there is finally something blog-worthy going on in my rather sleepy village, so here is some regional news...
It is about 3 sisters in a lovely - yet empty - new built house in Bussum. For years they have collected the best furniture and accessoires from the thrift shops, designed lovely (baby)T-shirts, crafted toys and cushions, made jam in beautiful jars etc. And now they are having this wonderful wintersale in the empty building. Everything they show is for sale, even the house is!

The weather is cold and sunny and the pop-up shop is open today so take your bikes for a little winter shopping tour! (landstraat 223)

The flat (waterproof) wall-vases are designed by Carolien Brusse and the terracotta lampshades are sold (to me!).

Friday, November 19, 2010

DIY- free downloadable paper trees!

Before you start downloading...I would like to show you this.
This wonderful little winter give-away (see cover below) comes with the new fab December issue of our Dutch Interior Magazine 101 - Woonidee├źn.

A booklet full of gorgeous, easy DIY projects from dutch designers, creaters and crafters. If you live in Holland or Belgium: Don't miss it!!

And these are the little paper trees I designed for this 101-craftbooklet and that I designed - tadaaaaa... - for you! Here is my free downloadable link to the prints with easy instructions. Download the English version.

It's my early Christmas present for you. Hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

children - where are you now?

My products are my paper children. And like other grown up children, they tend to leave home and go on long trips. And like every other worried mum I don't want to loose track, so I google them every once in a while.
It fills me with pride to find photo's of them taken by their new friends in Sweden, Germany, in the UK, Japan or in the US... They are obviously well taken care of and they feel at home!
From above left: Sing angels in Sweden staying at the blog of Emelie and Kicki from Havtorn, two pictures at Anneli's 'house' called Cosas in Sweden and one photo at Sabine's place called La Mesa, in Germany!
To be continued...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

sustainability day

Today it is sustainability day.
I think I can say, I do my best. It is often a matter of balancing between bad and worse. For example: the production of LED-lights seems to be very bad for the environment, whereas the use of LED-lights saves the world masses of energy!
Same balance-problem with these gorgeous Envirosax reusable bags I allways carry around. I save a pile of plastic bags offered in shops, but I wondered if the production (polyester) of the bags is that ecofriendly. Fortunately Envirosax has a good and honest answer to that on their website.

Oh, I almost forgot: of course my own products (paper, ink and bags) are ecofriendly as well!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

early morning etsy

The bracelet of hollow green glassbeads I found in Alisha White's etsy-shop. I love the shape of this orange bag by Bayan Hippo. Well and on this one I actually should spend a whole post: J Clay's pottery, it is awesome! Check out Sheepish to keep you warm this winter, beautiful knit/crochetwork!