Saturday, November 13, 2010

children - where are you now?

My products are my paper children. And like other grown up children, they tend to leave home and go on long trips. And like every other worried mum I don't want to loose track, so I google them every once in a while.
It fills me with pride to find photo's of them taken by their new friends in Sweden, Germany, in the UK, Japan or in the US... They are obviously well taken care of and they feel at home!
From above left: Sing angels in Sweden staying at the blog of Emelie and Kicki from Havtorn, two pictures at Anneli's 'house' called Cosas in Sweden and one photo at Sabine's place called La Mesa, in Germany!
To be continued...


  1. nice one,
    couple of years ago I did send your angels around the world..

  2. That's great, Kay. That's exactly what I made them for: spreading their wings, fly all over the world bringing messages of friendship, love and strength...
    By the way, something completely different: I simply loooooove the mushroom pot on your blog!

  3. That's fabulous that your pieces are displayed so meticulously by so many in so many places :D

  4. Je creaties zijn inderdaad je kindjes. Leuk dat je ze af en toe in 'blog-land' tegenkomt.
    grt, Helmi

  5. Met recht om trots op te zijn, Jurrianne!!!

    En wat een leuke boom zie ik in bloglang rondwaren (preview 101)

  6. i can't wait to get our angels out again this year. love them so much!

  7. Hi,I'll try to comment once again.
    Usually I can't since I haven't got a Google account. Anyway, nice to see "my" angels beside their sisters 'round the world.

  8. Some of you children are gracing the window of Radiance sitting on a bunch of beautiful twigs with lights in. They look beautiful! They are singing to passers by and enticing them inside! :)


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