Saturday, December 18, 2010

DIY - tangerine lights

Holland turned into a winter fairy tale yesterday. This is a road behind my house....
For the lovely lights you only need some tangerines, a knife, some sunflower oil and matches. Tangerines have their very own wick, you don't need any tealights, the oil will do!
If you are interested to make them yourself I could post a little tutorial tomorrow or the day after, just let me know...
Sunday - afternoon: TANGERINE TUTORIAL!
Well, thank you all for your sweet reactions! To challenge myself I just tried to draw a 'sketch tutorial' for you in stead of taking pictures. Hope it's clear enough like this?

Cut the peel around with a sharp knife.

Remove the peel from the fruit carefully with one finger, watch out that the peel doesn’t break. Now you have a bottom and a top.

Tangerines have one part with a natural wick in the middle. Pour sunflower oil over and around this wick.

Cut a chimney hole out of the other part (which is the part without wick).

Please take safety precautions when your tangerines are lit, the garden is the best place for them. I did use them sometimes at Christmas dinners and put one tangerine lantern on every plate on the fairylike!
Oh yeah, not to forget: these are the kind of crafts I learned from my mother back in the seventies! Thanks mum!


  1. Yes, a tutorial please! Love them!

  2. Gorgeous! Was wondering what we could put under our tree in the snow...a tutorial would be lovely!

  3. oh, I love it! A tutorial would be fantastic ;*)

  4. Beautiful!! I would love to know how to make them...

  5. Sprookjesachtig zo in de sneeuw! Ik ben benieuwd..

  6. Heerlijk, ik ruik ze op afstand! En zo lekker simpel. Prachtige lichtpuntjes in deze witte wereld.

  7. Mooie foto's!
    Enne heel graag een tutorial, ben benieuwd!
    Fijne zondag! xoxox

  8. Mooi! Ontzettend leuk idee die lichtjes.

  9. Oh wow, jurianne the snow is so beautiful. I always wish I lived somewhere where it snowed in winter.... this time of year just makes me nostalgic about it. And how amazing are the tangerine lights? I'd love to know how to make them! Have fun... Kristina :)

  10. Graag Jurianne, ziet er betoverend uit... :)

  11. Thanks, dear readers, for your comments, it's a pleasure to share the how-to with you!

    @Kristina: Would be nice to have you here for a good snowball fight and a warm Glühwein after...

  12. Jurianne, wat heb je deze beschrijving weer mooi getekend. Niet alleen je lichtjes, zelfs de werkwijze zien er prachtig uit! Geniet van de sneeuw en vrije dagen! gr, monique

  13. Het s'appeltje brandt! 17 lucifers verder... Hij ruikt ook zo lekker.

  14. OOOooh, wat een leuk idee!!!!
    Jammergenoeg heb ik nu geen manderijnen in huis.
    Fijne dagen :)

  15. Hé, Jurianne
    Ik vind dit zo'n leuke 'uitvinding' dat ik 'm heb vermeld op mijn blog.(uiteraard in jouw naam én met een link naar hier!!)
    Ik hoop dat je dat ok vindt? Zo niet, laat je me dat weten? Dan verwijder ik het...
    Vriendelijke groet.


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