Monday, January 31, 2011

one week ago

...we came home from Paris. Haven't had one spare moment to post about our little business trip. Here we go!

Metro Abesses, a couple of minutes from our apartment.

The streets - and the Sacré Coeur - around the corner. We were haunted by so called artists who wanted to draw a 'charicature' of us. My answer: no thanks, I am already a charicature of myself!
Are there actually people buying these horrible paintings and drawings from them?

The night we arrived we went straight on to the Eiffeltower. I have to admit, after 20 years, it was pretty impressing. All that steel, it looked like black lace, lit against the dark blue winter sky. It didn't feel cliché at all, it was just amazing. Hurray for tourist hot spots (hi,hi!).

On Saturday we visited some of the places you recommended. Like Tombées du Camion, which was just some minutes away from our apartment. It was great, but crowded and dark, couldn't take a proper picture. We went to Le Marais, rue des Rosiers, which had been changed so much since my last visit there - ehhhh...20 years ago!

One of the must sees was Merci on Beaumarchais (see photo's above). My children remarked: Mom, it feels like being in Eindhoven at the Dutch Design Week. Nice difference this time was that in Merci everything is for sale! Even for simple people like us: we bought some good old Duralex esprresso and wine glasses (not the picardie-type, but the round ones) and some other very handy kitchen utensils!

On Sunday we were at the Maison et Objet Trade Fair, or 'le Salon' as the French call it. Apart from several highlights - like my dear friends of &Klevering of course - I found it rather disappointing. But then again, we missed one of the best halls, number 8, full of great designers like Scholten & Baijings and the Bouroullec Brothers...Next time hall 8 will be the first to go to.
By the way: the reason I went to Paris was & Klevering and they did a wonderful job! It was an honour to have my paperwork in their stand. Thanks guys, you are great!


  1. Ooo, heerlijk! Wij gaan met Pasen weer eens naar Paris, ik verheug mij!

    en wat zijn je boompjes mooi!

  2. goeie tip, salon 8, voor als we hier weer naar 't salon trekken, volgende keer... merci!

  3. Goed om te lezen dat je het zo fijn hebt gehad. Mooie grote tafel had je op de stand van Klevering! Je knalt er lekker uit met je mooie spulletjes!
    Het kleine fiatje met koffers komt me bekend voor uit de Bolig-Liv Parijs special? Tot snel.
    Hier nu twee nieuwe zieke kinderen! Banken liggen vol!


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