Thursday, March 31, 2011

etsy: white and grey - clay

After the overkill of colour of the last weeks I was dying for some visual peace and rest. Found it in clay, on Etsy.
From top left: hand built ceramic pears, by Element Clay Studio, Leaping Rabbits mobile by the Amsterdam-based Artisanie Europe, vintage Hungarian porcelain easter bunny from Vintage Biffan and a porcelain wall sculpture called Graces, made by Prince Design from the UK.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIY free downloadable mini paper bunting!

I designed another free downloadable paper craft. This time for one of my customers - Hippe Kippe (fashion and more) - who opened a brand new store. They wanted to celebrate it in style and share it with you!

You can download the prints and the (sorry: dutch!) 'how-to' here. Print page 1 (how-to) and pages 2 and 3 (the prints). Cut about 2 mtrs of cotton thread, cut the diamond shaped prints, fold them and glue them as triangles on the thread.
You can use the bunting for wee parties, send it as a sweet greeting card, or just use it as a home decoration. Have fun!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Dear foreign blogreaders: below you see my first blogpost in dutch. Don't be afraid: this is only once. And it has a reason!
It is hard for me (by myself) to find and visit all the lovely shops, that might be interested in selling my paperwork and that are hidden in this country. Therefore I am looking for dutch ‘reps’. Friends, fans and ambassadors that are willing to share their enthusiasm about my work in their favorite local shop. I reward succesfull contacts with 3 different sets of my designs. Wouldn't it be great fun when this works through my blog?

Win – win - win: Werk aan de winkel!

Er zijn veel bijzondere en leuke winkeltjes verborgen in Nederland. Die zou ik graag kennis laten maken met mijn ontwerpen! Welke ambassadeur, fan, papiervriend en vriendin maakt één – of meer - van deze winkeliers enthousiast voor mijn werk?

Doe je een goed woordje in je favoriete winkel, dan kun je daarmee drie mensen blij maken, een win-win-win situatie dus!

1. De winkelier is blij met de kennismaking met een leuk nieuw merk.
2. Ik ben blij met een nieuwe afnemer.
3. En jij wordt blij, want je krijgt van mij 3 producten naar keuze toegestuurd.

Wil je een winkel in je buurt gaan benaderen (liefst locale winkel, geen web), stuur mij dan van te voren even een mail. Wordt het een match - maw: doen zij na jouw bezoek een bestelling - dan neem ik contact met je op om je te kunnen bedanken voor je ambassadeurswerk.

Ben heel erg benieuwd hóe en óf het werkt zo vanaf mijn blog, spannend… Ik zou het zó grappig vinden om op deze manier samen te werken!

Monday, March 14, 2011

bibi and chief

They have arrived: the 2 new mini buntings I designed for Engel. Owner Sabien is now showing them on the Spring Trade Fair in Utrecht, together with some other great new stuff she sells in her wholesale company (I''ll post about that later...)
The commission was traditional yet open-minded: design a blue-ish boy bunting and a pink girl bunting. People who know about my relationship with the colour pink will think this must have been a difficult project. Well, it wasn't! Maybe it is the flow, the spark between Sabien and me, I don't know, but designing Bibi and Chief was a feast!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

paperwork at selfridges

Today my dear UK-distributors Saskia and Sofie have sent me some photo's taken at Selfridges & Co in London. Reason: Selfridges is going Dutch this spring and they are selling my work!
'The pop-up shop 'EveryDayDutch' gives you the opportunity to shop products inspired by traditional Dutch craftsmanship and Dutch design's heritage of simplicity of form. From one-off pieces to much loved collectibles from some of the biggest names in the Dutch design world.'
So there they are, my paper children, between Scholten & Baijings, Tony Chocolonely, Royal VKB, Droog Design and Piet Hein Eek. It is BIG, maybe that's why I feel so small...?
Lots of designs - like mine - are for sale at their webstore too.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

work in the 'manufactory'

I have a design manufactory in my head. I call it my 'headquarters'. This is where inspirations come together, ideas are stored and worked out, technical solutions are found and shapes are constructed. There's a new idea buzzing around in this building, looking for a colour, material and shape.

Step 1 in my design process is collecting 'information'. Step 1 can take minutes but can also take years... This is what I picked this morning: The amazing designer Patricia Urquiola. And I fell for those folded paper lamps by the Dutch Nellianna and one by Scott, Rich and Victoria. Can you imagine that I love my job? To be continued!