Sunday, March 6, 2011

work in the 'manufactory'

I have a design manufactory in my head. I call it my 'headquarters'. This is where inspirations come together, ideas are stored and worked out, technical solutions are found and shapes are constructed. There's a new idea buzzing around in this building, looking for a colour, material and shape.

Step 1 in my design process is collecting 'information'. Step 1 can take minutes but can also take years... This is what I picked this morning: The amazing designer Patricia Urquiola. And I fell for those folded paper lamps by the Dutch Nellianna and one by Scott, Rich and Victoria. Can you imagine that I love my job? To be continued!


  1. lekker hoor zo'n droomfabriek in je hoofd!

  2. Wanneer de inrichting klaar is, kom ik graag bij je werken;)! Wat een inspirerende omgeving!

  3. oh Jurianne I wish I would live a little bit nearer, I wish sooo much, I could be part of this "buzzing"
    all the best from kleinformat,

  4. WAUW! Die lampen, ik denk dat Mirc maar een assortiments-swap moet gaan maken... En wat een leuk plan! Volg je graag.


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