Monday, April 25, 2011


I saw one of his paintings in my newspaper the other day and since I am in the process of designing a new product I was immediately drawn to it. Life brought back to it's essence: circles, triangles and rectangles. I love Auguste Herbin's (1882-1960) work because of his use of colours and his elegant graphic touch. Paintings like this must have been shocking in those days...

Bonnie & Buttermilk

As soon as I get in the mood for clothing again (it is bikini weather in the Netherlands!), I'll check their shop and buy myself one of B & B's awesome shirts, skirts or dresses.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

raindrops on a sunny day

A little treasure fell on my doormat a few days ago, a gift - just because - from Guusje! Delicate, handmade, porcelain raindrops... aren't they simply amazing?

marie claire maison (et mes fleurs!)

Last Friday a very nice person wrote me an email: 'your Blom is in the French Marie Claire Maison. Not just a little product shot on the shopping pages, but big time and beautifully styled!' Thanks, Jolanda, for letting me know.
I am honoured: one whole page for my Bloms! And styled in a way I have never seen before. I am used to the Scandinavian pure and white style, this is so different, so fresh, floral and French!
I have had a lot of attention in the press up until now - I feel blessed by it - but strangely enough not in France. This might be a turning point...

To my distributor & Klevering who obviously arranged this publicaton and of course to Marie Claire Maison: MERCI MILLE FOIS!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Initially I started this series just to satisfy my own curiousity. The shops, the people who sell my work worldwide...who are they? What are their dreams, their inspirations, what made them start their own businesses? A feature in words and images with a little surprise-coupon at the end...

Number 1: My Red Poppy - 18Rue Gambetta - 49300 Cholet - France

Owners: happy Caroline on the left, fashionable Benoît on the right

What made you decide to start your own business?
Benoît wanted to start a business of his own already for a couple of years. He loves retro design from the fifties and sixties and interior design objects in general. I was in for a carreer switch and I was looking for activities in the kids world. So we decided to combine our skills and open an interior shop with decoration, accessories and vintage furniture for children.

Is there any article that you sell - or maybe more - that you are simply in love with?
We adore these origami designs made by a young designer from Nantes, called Erwan (see below). His flowers, buntings, mirors…simply wonderful. His paper designs are very elegant and combine with whatever atmosphere, whatever space in the house. Of course, Jurianne Matter, we love your creations a lot. Your designs are small objects that adorn your house and your daily life. Furthermore: the bed linen from Pipoca, the Acapulco chair and we are completely taken by all things designed by Herzensart. And of course many other things!

Erwan's origami


Acapulco-chair and JM-wishboats

Another Acapulco-chair and Herzensart stamps

Do you have a particular way of styling in your shop? Your own ‘hand’?
Our personal touch is Benoîts’ sister! She has helped us a lot with the shop interior; she has the gift of knowing how to create a real special feeling by composing different elements. The most personal touch in our store is the crocheted bag (see below) by ‘Mémère Brossard’, the grandmother of Benoît. We try to create a warm ambiance, that makes you feel at home.

What article did you buy for the shop recently and why did you buy it?
We have chosen the cushion covers by Clare Nicolson, because they really depict what My Red Poppy is about. The prints are retro, tender and very creative.

What do you expect to become a real future trend in your business?
We are focused on a nordic feel, mixed with vintage as well as contemporary elements (like you can see in the Edition Paumes – books). And on printed designs that have inexpected colours. We try to show this inspiration in our assortment.
What will you be doing in five years? What is your dream?
We are thinking of a range of products of our own brand. We are grouping together with some very talented graphic- and product designers in order to develop an assortment of textile accessories, interior objects, printware and – why not – furniture…

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
It is through our work that we meet very nice people with whom we share a passion for creating, doing business and for the distribution of beautiful objects…and that is simply fantastic!

Are you living or travelling near Cholet? Visit My Red Poppy and don't forget to take this coupon with you!

It was a pleasure meeting you, Caroline et Benoît, merci beaucoup!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

small blessings

A dear dutch blogfriend wrote it yesterday: Count Your Blessings. Her situation and these words made me realise again that a happy everyday life is a precious gift.
1. My biggest blessings - my three men! - don't want to be photographed on my blog. And my parents - who are still alive, talking about blessings - live too far away to take a snapshot.
So here I share the other 'gifts' of this weekend. They might look futile, but when all the important blessings in life are counted first, there is room left in my heart for small things like this.
From top left: 2. One of my friends here in the village is Bjørke. She is very dear to me, inspires me and...she makes these lovely vintage button bracelets (for sale here). This is the latest one in my collection. 3. My friend Willy, 81 years old, put this huge vintage woven, pure woolen, scarf on my cold shoulders yesterday night. Keep it, she said, it suits you.
4. The tree in front of my house is pregnant with spring blossoms. She (it 's a she, definately) inspired me to design my new Little Trees. 5. And this nice Nümph tunic I bought yesterday: gorgeous print with butterfly clouds. At home I found the label: it is made of organic cotton. And that made me happy.