Sunday, April 3, 2011

small blessings

A dear dutch blogfriend wrote it yesterday: Count Your Blessings. Her situation and these words made me realise again that a happy everyday life is a precious gift.
1. My biggest blessings - my three men! - don't want to be photographed on my blog. And my parents - who are still alive, talking about blessings - live too far away to take a snapshot.
So here I share the other 'gifts' of this weekend. They might look futile, but when all the important blessings in life are counted first, there is room left in my heart for small things like this.
From top left: 2. One of my friends here in the village is Bjørke. She is very dear to me, inspires me and...she makes these lovely vintage button bracelets (for sale here). This is the latest one in my collection. 3. My friend Willy, 81 years old, put this huge vintage woven, pure woolen, scarf on my cold shoulders yesterday night. Keep it, she said, it suits you.
4. The tree in front of my house is pregnant with spring blossoms. She (it 's a she, definately) inspired me to design my new Little Trees. 5. And this nice Nümph tunic I bought yesterday: gorgeous print with butterfly clouds. At home I found the label: it is made of organic cotton. And that made me happy.


  1. Ja, door alle nare verhalen in blogland realiseer je je goed wat je hebt.
    Mooi tuniek van Nümph, past goed bij je nieuwe armband.
    Nog een fijne zondag!

  2. Mooi. Dank je voor je warme blog. Fijn om soms stil te staan bij de dingen die waardevol zijn in je leven. En lief dat je ze wil delen. Zo zet je een ander ook weer aan om haar zegeningen te tellen. Liefs MiM

  3. Wow wat een mooi tuniek.
    Ik ben dol op Nümph. Mooie tinten.
    Wat heb je het armbandje mooi gefotografeerd! Prachtig op die houten ondergrond.

  4. Inderdaad, count your blessings, de ware kunst van Elke Dag. Nu noemen ze dat Mindfulness, vroeger leek het op Carpe Diem...


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